Accuracy International (AI) .308 Sled

Accuracy International (AI) .308 Sled
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The Accuracy International (AI) .308 Sled inserts in place of the rifle magazine to allow easy loading of single rounds. CNC-machined device ensures proper cartridge alignment and reliable feeding.Supports new shooter instruction and controlled firing of single rounds in long range and competitive environments. Feeds .308 Win, 6.5 Creedmoor and .243 Win caliber rounds. Meets all match rifle rules. Made from durable, self-lubricating, long lasting DelrinŽ. Will not scratch, mar or dent metal rifle parts. Black color only Fits the Ruger PrecisionŽ Rifle. Made in the USA by The Original Bob Sled.

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A Must for Single Loading 5/31/2017
I own a Ruger Precision Rifle in .243 Win caliber. The rifles narrow ejection port makes single loading the rifle difficult. The AI-308 sled solved the problem. The sled fits my RPR perfectly and feeds the .243 Win cartridges smoothly into the rifles chamber without scratching the cases or damaging bullet noses.
- Frank Riley, KS
A must for competition shooting. 8/28/2016
F-Class requires single shot loading, and the magazines that come with the rifle are not acceptable for this. This device is fantastic, with easy, perfect loading every time. Highly recommended.
John Watson