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The new DuoMag quickly and easily connects two Ruger BX-1 magazines for easier loading of all 10/22 LR models/stocks. It also eliminates the frustration of "sticky" magazine removal of the magazines by simply providing more bulk to grip. The mags install in the DuoMag by clamping them together with no modifications to the original magazine, or use of glue or adhesives. The magazines can be taken apart at any time and to replace or service the mag.

The DuoMag provides several other important benefits: It enables shooters to quickly access two different types on ammunition preloaded in the individual magazines; Bench firing is also more convenient as the shooter doesn't have to move out of position to change magazines; It complies with requirements of the high capacity magazine ban states throughout the country; Ideal for use with Ruger Precision® Rimfire rifle where an elongated magazine is more convenient when changing magazines but high of capacity cannot be used. Made in the USA by Alangator LLC.

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Cheap junk 12/14/2021
The mags did not sit straight when coupled and when I tried to unscrew it the screw sheared completely off. Avoid.
- Greg, FL
Cheap junk 12/13/2021
Joined the two mags together and they sat cock-eyed. Followed the instructions and did not overtighten. Tried to remove the coupler and the metal screw sheared off. Won't return because the cost will be almost the cost of the item. Don't buy!
Works great, no modification needed 6/26/2021
I read the 1star review and when I received the Doumags I tried to assemble them. I ran into the same issue stated in that review. After looking at them l realized where the issue was. I rotated the Doumag 90 degrees and they fit perfectly. No modification needed. They appear to fit the the first alignment, but the Ruger logo does get into the way. I tried to grind it down, but then I found the correct orientation. I haven’t had them to the range, but I am looking forward to it. I shoot a Rimfire challenge which requires 50 rounds per stage and have had reliability issues with the 25 round mags.
Does Fit 6/23/2021
Regarding review - Doesnt fit: Rotate the larger black connector that goes into the bottom of the magazines 90 degrees so that the inside flat surface - not the curved surface - of the connector is against the magazines, and it fits. --- As a side note - when using the Duomag, the Ruger Dust Cover fits the {bottom} magazine perfectly when the {top} magazine is in the 10/22.
Doesnt fit 2/9/2021
Will not fit standard bx1 mags because of the 3d ruger logo on the bottom of the magazines it will require modifications to work
Sweet!! 9/23/2019
Having access to 30rnds of 22LR in a small package is unbelievable! Fit & finish are top notch. This makes changing magazines lightning quick. I have two of these!!
Excellent product 3/28/2019
I live in California with a 10 round mag limit and the Duo-Mag is perfect for range shooting. I ran 200 rounds through my 10/22 with the Duo-Mag and it works perfect as well
- Ron G., CA
Excellent 3/23/2019
Being from over regulated California with 10rd. capacity rules, this Duomag is just what I needed
- Roofrider, CA