Gould & Goodrich™ Tan Belt Holster, Ambi

Gould & Goodrich™ Tan Belt Holster, Ambi
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Easily carry and conceal a variety of Ruger® handguns from the LCP® to the SR1911® with this Ruger branded, suede-lined holster. Ambidextrous, chestnut brown leather holster is compatible with most Ruger® handguns without lasers. This slim, versatile, open-bottom holster may be worn inside or outside of pants, clipped onto pants or a belt, or may be worn by sliding the holster onto a belt that is up to 1-3/4" wide using the built-in belt slots. Note: does not fit Mark-Series 22/45™ Lite models. Made in the USA by Gould & Goodrich™.

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Good for some - Not for others 8/31/2021
Of the multiple Ruger handguns I have, the holster was good for the SR-22P, LCP-II with Viridan Laser and of course the LC-9s with HiViz sights. I used the belt provided loop and the metal clip for added support. The holster didnt fair well with my SR-1911 CMR or SR-9c; both weapons tended to be to heavy for the holster and leaned out and away from my side, definitely not concealed.
Good for a variety of guns 6/30/2021
Very good product. Not only fits LCP with under barrel LaserMax but also my full size 1911, Honor Defense Honor Guard 9 mm, Cobra 38 Special derringer, Heritage Rough Rider 22lr/magnum. One holster for all my handguns. Thanks Ruger.
Great but caution 1/5/2021
I purchased it months ago and use it daily with my Springfield Hellcat. My only problem was that it fell off the belt clip and landed on the street today. The clip was on my belt. The holster on the ground with my Hellcat.
Jack Clark
Perfect for LCP II 6/27/2019
I am very impressed with this holster. Quality leather and craftsmanship. Doesnt add too much bulk. The holster grips the pistol just enough to keep it secure but allows easy withdrawal. The belt clip also keeps it secure no matter if you have it clipped to the waistline or belt. Happy I went with this choice.
- Bryan, OK
Decent holster 3/23/2018
Ive had this for about 3 months now, using it as my EDC for an LC9. Ive only used the belt clip, not the belt loops. It works fine for me in that I can slide it along on the belt when getting in/out of cars and based on what Im wearing that day. Construction is sturdy, stitching tight and even, and lined with what looks/feels like suede. I tried other handguns in it for giggles: an S&W 642 works, MkIV 22/45 Lite not so much due to the top rail, Sig P226 no, Glock G23 barely, 1911 commander works. Given price and versatility, Im glad I bought it.
- Dave, MN
Great holster 9/29/2017
I have 3 of these and I carry a Taurus 709 slim, Taurus 605 357 aS&W 9mm and each one fits like its tailor made for that weapon.
Bobby E
perfect fit 2/17/2017
this holster fits my ruger lcp like a glove. I prefer using the optional method of sliding it on my belt. the ease and rapidness of drawing my pistol is fantastic. I dont normally endorse products but have no problem doing so in this case. do you have models that wourld fit my glock42 ,my S&W SHIELD 9MM and or my Ruger SR22???
Great Holster, Great Value 12/15/2016
I own three of these holsters and have given another as a gift. My Ruger LCP and LC9 fit like a glove and the design is comfortable to wear and its profile is outstanding for conceal carry. Well made and offers Right hand and Left hand carry. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a great holster.
- Kurt B, MI
Carry Choice Made Easy 12/13/2016
One holster for either my LC9s or LCP.....Perfect!
- Mike Jacques, FL
Great holster 8/16/2016
I like the fact that I can use the same holster for my 1911,sr22,sp101 or my sr9c. Works great using the belt slots.
- Gary, NC
leather separation 6/9/2015
I like the holster except Ive noticed the leather is separating at the bottom, other then that I love the holster.
- Gary Harmon, IA
Nice holster! 11/6/2014
This is a nice looking holster. The leather looks sharp. The holster works quite well with my SR9 and SR1911 CMD. The front serrations on my SR9C make it difficult to holster. Thats the fault of the gun, not the holster.
- Craig, IL
Great multi handgun holster 8/15/2014
I can use it for my SR45,SR9C and LC9. It is comfortable for IWB with all handguns and holds close to the body when worn on the belt
- Les Breaux, TX