LCP® Fobus Belt Holster, RH

LCP® Fobus Belt Holster, RH
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Lightweight (2 oz.) holster features one-piece holster body construction, steel reinforced rivet attachment and a protective sight channel. Fobus holsters feature passive retention with rapid deployment, are combat tested, perform in all situations and are comfortable to wear. Constructed from high-density polymer. This Fobus elite concealed holster offers maximum comfort. Plus, Fobus stands behind every holster with a 100% lifetime warranty for repair or replacement from Fobus. Telephone number for warranty, 267-803-1517. Right-handed only. Ruger logo on front of holster. Belt holster for up to 1-3/4" belts. Made by Fobus.

Does not fit LCP® II, LCP® Custom or LCP® models with laser guards.

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SNAPPY LCP .380 HOLSTER 2/27/2021
I ordered this Fobus holster because I wanted something that would last and I wouldnt have to break in or treat with leather conditioner. This belt holster fit my LCP perfectly covering the trigger and trigger guard. I set the adjustment screw to where the pistol seats into the holster with a loud click and it retains the weapon tight but yet I can withdraw the gun easily and quickly. It works for me and I got it on sale. The holster rides high and tight to my body and is comfortable, I hardly know its there. Easily concealed.- its my EDC.
I bought this Fobus belt holster for my LCP .380 standard model pistol. The holster has a screw adjustment to adjust the tightness of the pistol within the holster and you can hear a solid click when the gun is completely seated. The holster is held tight against my body and the weapon is secured but easy to acquire fast if needed. I got it on sale and very happy with my purchase. Also shipping was fast.
Efficient 12/3/2017
Extremely easy to use
Holster review 9/9/2016
Excellent product for a small frame man or woman. Super lightweight,fast retrieval, priced right.
- John Mavilio, MA
The best holster for the lcp380 4/11/2016
This holster has nice retention ,I love it for carrying defnse weapon. I normally wouldnt wear outside the pants but this holster secures the weapon even in the event of a strugle . Theres a screw to adjust the retention,nice when you insert weapon.
- Jason D., OH