Ruger Cheese Board & Knife Set

Ruger Cheese Board & Knife Set
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This Cheese Board and Knife Set is a split-level cutting board that swivels open to reveal three stainless steel cheese tools housed in their own secure grooves. Swivel-style, split level circular cutting board made or eco-friendly parawood board swings open to reveal three cheese tools with parawood handles. A recessed juice groove surrounds the perimeter of the board to prevent brine or juice run-off. The tools have wooden handles and the board has 44 square inches of cutting surface. Made by Toscana®.

KNIFE PURCHASERS: Knife purchasers must be at least 18 years of age and be able to legally purchase and own the knife (or knives) being purchased in the jurisdiction in which they reside. Purchasers should be aware that federal, state, county and municipal laws may restrict the purchase, possession and use of knives based on their various characteristics, including but not limited to the knife's configuration, blade shape, blade length and the type of opening mechanism. STURM, RUGER & COMPANY, INC. SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS ANY WARRANTY THAT KNIVES IT OFFERS FOR SALE MAY LAWFULLY BE PURCHASED, POSSESSED OR USED IN ANY PARTICULAR LOCALE. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF PURCHASER TO DETERMINE WHETHER HE/SHE MAY LEGALLY PURCHASE, POSSESS AND USE ANY PARTICULAR KNIFE UNDER THE LAWS OF HIS/HER LOCALE. By submitting an order for a knife, purchaser certifies that: he/she is at least 18 years of age: the knife being ordered may legally be purchased, possessed and used in purchaser's locale; purchaser intends to use such knife for lawful purposes; and purchaser assumes all risk of injury associated with the ownership, possession and use of the knife, including the risk of personal injury or death caused by misuse or careless use.

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