Ruger Precision® Rifle Magazine Release Extension - Red

Ruger Precision® Rifle Magazine Release Extension - Red
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Detailed Description

The Precision Rifle Magazine Release Extension allows for quick magazine release access and positive disengagement for decreased reload times. It is designed for active environments to minimize snag points while delivering full functionality. The magazine extension installs forward of the trigger guard and is easy to activate with the trigger finger without changing grip. The location is designed to be convenient for practicing proper trigger discipline: the trigger finger does not rest on or near it to prevent accidental magazine release. Ergonomically designed for use with and without gloves. No disassembly required. Simply put our extension on the existing mag release, install the screw, and tighten. Requires an 8-32 Allen wrench to install Extension (not included). Aluminum is finished in anodized black for added durability. Made in the USA by Catalyst Arms.

NOTE: Does not fit Ruger Precision Rimfire Rifles.