Ruger SLSR 210 Flashlight

Ruger SLSR 210 Flashlight
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The SLSR is a dual mode LED penlight that is designed with the craftsman in mind. The aluminum- bodied light provides 12 lumens on the low level and 130 on the high level. The light comes with two Alkaline AAA batteries, a belt clip and two fiber-optic attachments for use in inspecting barrels.

Manufactured by Umarex® under license from Sturm, Ruger & Co. Inc.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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Chinese Made & Junk 9/10/2020
Excessive Clicking to make it work eventually to a complete failure. Wasted $25 on what I thought was USA MADE but NOT: Stay AwY
- Scott C Barkelew, CA
KNIFE HUNT 4/15/2019
- Charles Hagberg, TX
Holy brightness Batman! 2/22/2019
Love this flashlight. Perfect size for easy carry but it doesnt sacrifice lumens. Also love the dual mode as sometimes 130 lumens is just too bright! The fiber optic attachments are a nice addition and make barrel inspections super easy. The only reason I cant give it 5 stars is because it quit working after I took the batteries out and put them back in. I was worried about storing batteries in the unit, and the instruction manual says not to do it, so I took them out, but when I put them back in and went to turn it on nothing happened. Figured out that the lens wasnt making a good connection, so I was afraid I lost a spacer or something. Not sure what I did, but it finally corrected itself. Now Im afraid of taking the batteries out again; not sure what will happen when i have to replace them - hopefully it wont be an emergency situation! Keeping my fingers crossed. Considered returning it, but when it works it is amazing and didnt want to go through the hassle.
- T Chandler, AZ
handy pocket light 10/18/2018
I carry this light with me all of the time and use lt every day. It is amazing the power it has for the size. also it takes 2 AAA batteries which are inexpensive and are available every where
- Toby Johnson, WV
junk 5/6/2018
Had this light for about a month when it just quit working before it used up its first set of batteries. The light was never wet, dropped, subjected to temp extremes, or any other harsh conditions. Just sat in a shirt pocket. From now on Ill stick to surefire. My wife cycled a surefire through the washer and dryer and it still works perfectly.
Scott Massie
handy pocket light 5/3/2018
wonderfull light, just the right size. also uses regular aaa batteries. I can carry it in my pocket so its there when I need it. A+ rating
- Toby Johnson, WV