SR1911 Fobus C21 Paddle Holster, RH

SR1911 Fobus C21 Paddle Holster, RH
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Fits 4" and 5" models without rail. Low profile design with passive retention around trigger guard. Fobus holsters feature passive retention with rapid deployment, are combat tested, perform in all situations and are comfortable to wear. Plus, Fobus stands behind every holster with a 100% lifetime warranty for repair or replacement from Fobus. Telephone number of warranty 267-803-1517. Right-handed only. Made by Fobus.

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Fobus Holster 1/8/2019
This holster does NOT have adjustable retention. It is not the Fobus Evolution holster that does have adjustable retention. You can tell from the picture that it lacks the adjustment screw. The holster is extremely tight as it comes and not usable. I removed one of the rivets and replaced it with a nut, bolt, and washer to create a gap in the holster to reduce the tension. Now it works fine and should have come this way. It gets 4 stars instead of 5 because of the need for modification.
Fobus SR1911 Holster 12/9/2018
Holster has no adjustment for tension and is much too tight for competition. Easy fix is to remove the rivet near the trigger guard and replace with 6-32 nut, bolt, and washers. Use one washer as a spacer for the holster creating a small gap to reduce the tension. Works great. The fit for the lightweight commander model is fine for IDPA/USPSA, not for CCW.
fobus paddle hollster 4/11/2018
says it fits 4in and 5in I got a 4.25 sr 1911 will it fit in the ho;lstrer
gayl mcafee sr
love it 1/22/2017
recently purchased a fobus paddle for my sr1911 commander , fits great tension is great cant understand how come people cannot adjust the tension properly very simple righty tighty lefty loosey find the happy spot and enjoy
- robert meluskey sr, PA
Perfect snug fit for my sr1911 2/4/2016
Fits like a glove holds the sr1911 tight and secure but releases when needed. Perfect holster, no issues. I love my Ruger and my new Fobus paddle holster.
- Richard Wallace, MA
do not buy 1/26/2016
i have several Fobus holsters and use them for IDPA and carry and regard them highly. ones with out the ability to adjust tension are a gamble at best you may or may not be able to get the gun out of the holster with out pulling your pants off. fobus solution was to heat with hair dryer - works for a while then you are back to extremely hard draw.
- Rich Johnston, MO