Security-9 Fobus Tactical Holster - RH

Security-9 Fobus Tactical Holster - RH
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This Fobus Tactical holster is an active retention holster that provides users with the ability to carry the pistol with a light / laser mounted on the under-barrel rail or trigger guard. The open holster body design allows holstering with any light / laser system. Lightweight, low profile reinforced polymer construction with polymer retaining strap provides concealability. The incorporated muzzle stud and polymer strap provide retention while the rubberized paddle enhances stability and comfort. Steel reinforced rivet attachment provides strength and durability. Made by Fobus.

Note: To un-holster your pistol, unfasten the safety strap and rock the firearm back approximately one half on an inch followed by a deliberate upward motion. When re-holstering your firearm, insert the barrel first into the muzzle stud, snap the firearm into the holster and refasten the safety strap. Lifetime warranty from Fobus.

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Serious Issue Here 3/29/2020
I have noticed, on several occasions when I do my 3 or more unholstering drills, before heading out for patrol, that my Security-9 has OFTEN gotten caught on the strap, disallowing my weapon from upholstering. This is, and could be, a MAJOR, LIFE-THREATENING EVENT if caught in a sudden armed encounter, especially if a close-quarters one. I also notice that the first move in unholstering my weapon is to pull it out BACKWARDS, FIRST, instead of up and forward. Also, a time-consuming issue in a possible close-quarters encounter. Starting to second-guess using this holster, despite really appreciating it, and despite there being no other alternatives like it to purchase.
- Lt. Eric Shelton, FL
The holster actually holds my pistol in place, it snaps in and you can feel the retention. Perfect for OWB and if you have even the TLR-1 it fits great. worth the money.
Joe M
Awesome 8/2/2018
Fits my security 9 and laser light combo wonderfully
- Dominick Swain, VA