Security-Series Crossbreed Xecutive IWB - RH

Security-Series Crossbreed Xecutive IWB - RH
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Detailed Description

The Xecutive Holster is an all-plastic holster made from durable Kydex Plastic. This material is specifically designed to hold up to the abusive wear and tear of carrying a firearm. The holster incorporates multiple options for clips and wings, allowing the end-user the ability to customize their preferred carry method. It is also easy to adjust the retention by simply tightening or loosening screws on the holster body itself. The size of the holster has been minimized to improve concealability and reduce holster printing. It also incorporates an optional soft, yet firm foam wedge to help ensure the firearms is tucked into your body for maximum concealment. The Xecutive Holster ‘s small size and smooth “skin-side” design prevent unnecessary bulk or protrusions and make it as comfortable as possible to wear. Fits Security-9® Compact and Security-380® pistols. Made in the USA by Crossbreed® Holsters.