Single Point Sling Adapter

Single Point Sling Adapter
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This versatile adapter allows shooters to attach a single point sling to a conventional stock like the one used used on the PC Carbine™. The adapter is made from strong, durable nylon strapping and includes a polymer keeper and a male adapter for attaching a #18364 Single Point Sling (not included). Attaches quickly and easily to the stock without the use of tools. The adapter is available in black only. Made in the USA by Safariland.

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Not what i expected at all 4/27/2021
When I bought this ar556 pistol for my wife I got the salesmen treatment, aside from the pistol I cant find info that I need, and the accessories are few, after already paying 1000$+ for this shows your Guage when gun sales are at a high im very disappointed by this buy
- Michael, LA
Works fine with the specified sling 2/5/2021
As noted in the description, this adapter is designed to attach the 18364 single point sling to the Ruger PC Carbine. The webbing loop wraps around the buttstock behind the receiver and attaches to the 18364 sling with the custom polymer adapter. If this is the sling you have, this is the appropriate adapter but if not, you would want to look for a similar adapter with a more universal sling attachment.
- Gene, TX
Not what I thought 1/25/2020
I thought this would be a quick disconnect that would work with my Magpul stock. I dont know what this adapter is supposed to connect to, but it doesnt connect to any standard connectors that I have. It also doesnt connect to anything on the shopruger site either. Not part numbers 18702, 18703 or 18704. It says it attaches to a PC carbine. But that must have a unique attachment that then needs this adaptor. The part itself seems decent enough, the low rating comes from the fact that the description states it easily connects to the stock without tools but it does not say what kind of connector it is. Like I said, it doesnt connect to anything I have.
- Jim, WI