Triple Kross Magazine Body

Triple Kross Magazine Body
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The Triple Kross is a magazine body that houses three existing BX-1 magazines in one lightweight compact design. This product is ideal for competition shooters and plinkers alike that are looking to streamline their gear but still have the reliability of the factory BX-1 10-round magazine. The clear Triple Kross make it possible to count your rounds. No couplers are needed - one body houses three existing magazines. The Triple Kross is sold with a black mounting paddle with belt loops. The quick release latch on the post of the paddle can be adjusted to carry the Triple Kross on the hip and in other customizable directions. This product includes the magazine housing and paddle only. THE TRIPLE KROSS REQUIRES THE INTERNAL COMPONENTS FROM BX-1 ROTARY MAGAZINES TO FUNCTION (NOT INCLUDED). The Triple Kross is made from nylon and poly carbonate. It is 4" H x , 3" W x 2.4" D and weighs 3.0 oz. The product’s rotary magazines support the Ruger 10/22® , Ruger American® Rimfire, Precision Rimfire® and 22 Charger™ pistol. Made in the USA by TandemKross.

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Very Cool 4/8/2021
Unique and clever package. Once you install all the factory guts this is a great way to carry 30 rounds with the reliability of factory rotary. Thanks!

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