.22 LR 10-Round Rotary Magazine - Clear

.22 LR 10-Round Rotary Magazine - Clear
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10-Round Rotary Magazine with Steel Feed - Clear. Works with any factory original 10/22® Rifle, SR-22® Rifle, 22 Charger™ Pistol, and .22 LR Ruger 77/22® Rifle. *Due to changes in the law effective October 1, 2013 Ruger is not able to sell magazines to CONNECTICUT residents. Ruger cannot bill to or ship this magazine to Brooklyn, Buffalo, New York City, or Rochester, New York. DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT if you live in these cities.
Genuine Ruger® Factory Accessory.

Magazine will function in the .22 LR Ruger 77/22® Rifle, but the contoured base does not match the profile on the bottom of this rifle; the JX-1 Rotary Magazine (#90057) is recommended for this rifle.

WARNING: Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms, or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to the State of California to cause birth defects, reproductive harm, and other serious physical injury. Have adequate ventilation at all times. Wash hands thoroughly after exposure.

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A tad large but fixable 3/12/2023
A little judicious use of a file makes these perfect. Shouldn't have to do it but there it is. Just file a little and they go in and drop out freely.
NOT clear as picture depicts 7/29/2022
Good, dependable mag, but what's depicted in the photo is the "Anniversary Edition" clear mags which ARE crystal clear. What #90223 really is is a dark smoked gray satin translucent. After a few hundred rounds, they'll be no better than black (which is not as cool anyway), as you won't be able to see into them. So there is no point to smoked gray. Please bring back the true CLEAR mags and THEN call them clear. ..or Anniversary Edition to avoid confusion.
- Jarvis W, GA
Works, but need finger strength to load ammo 7/1/2022
The magazine works, but I find it hard to load the ammo. When you get to the 10th bullet, you really need finger strength to get it in there. Go for the regular black magazines instead, especially if you have finger/hand strength issues. I have zero problems with the black one that came with the rifle.
- Jonathan C., NY
Fits a Volquartsen Summit Perfectly! 7/30/2020
Since there is some fitment issues and questions, these fit my Volquartsen Summit perfectly! I know of no better magazine for this riffle and this is what I have used without any issues.
- Rope, MA
Warning! 5/31/2019
My wife shoots a 10/22 and I shoot a American Rimfire. We have both clear and black BX-10 mags. The 10/22 accepts either mag. Only the black mag will fit the American Rimfire. No excuse for this Ruger! Where is your quality control?
- Ken Phipps, WA
Best 10/22 mag 6/20/2018
These are the best mags hands down! I have been fortunate enough to try most every mag available on the market. These are the only magazines that hold up to relentless, suppressed or unsuppressed, use. The black mags will fail after short time with suppressor use. None of the high capacity factory or aftermarket have held up more than a month. I dont believe the bad reviews, if theyre too tight width thats a stock issue. I exclusively run the clear mags, most with the Tri-Mag. I have not found anything that works better.
- Gun Department, AR
10 round clear rotary magazine 3/19/2018
I bought several of these for my Charger and they fit fine. I like the clear plastic so I can see how many rounds. No feed issues or jams. Been using them for 2 months.
Too wide! 12/30/2017
As others have noted the clear magazines are much wider than the black ones. While these clear magazines will fit my older 10/22 just fine they WILL NOT fit my American Rimfire! The whole point of having both the American and the 10/22 is magazine commonality but if I have to separate my magazines by which gun they will fit then that convenience is lost. I dont know why it would be so hard to make a clear magazine with the same dimensions as the black ones. Ruger was kind enough to replace my clear magazines with black ones.
- Bo Ray, MS
too wide 11/28/2017
I ordered 3 of the clear ones off midway. They have the ruger brand listed on the bottom. 2 of the 3 are too wide. The third fits fine. Had to get a dremel and grind them down. It just seem to be a quality control issue. Letting ones that are out of spec out the door.
- Wade Wilson, IN
OK but not as good as my black mag. 11/17/2017
This clear 10 round mag. is very usable but does not drop out of the gun without a little assistance from above. It is a little harder to press each round into the mag when loading than it is with my original black mag.
Dan Andrews
Bad Quality 9/30/2017
I purchased this because it looks cool. I bought this magazine and never opened for 7 months until squirrel opener. I found out that its hard to insert bullets in, I thought it was just me and I told my brother-in-law who was hunting with me to try it inserting bullets in. Well what do you know I got a bad magazine. I sticking with the black magazine for now.
2 out of 6 8/28/2016
I ordered six of these. Only two fit. The other four are too wide. All of six of my black mags fit perfectly. At first I thought they must be 22mag versions...but no, they are 22LR. Poor QC on the cleats. Check for before purchasing.
- Mark Laughlin Mark A Laughlin, WY
Works fine. Not sure what complaints are for 2/16/2016
You see how dirty a magazine can get with one of these lol! 500 rounds and it has a gray tint going on. Fits my mags loader well. I also use the trimag since Im from California. Ugh. The bag is pretty much useless since it supports the be mags only. I made it work for me though
Few things last as long rotary Ruger magazine 1/10/2016
Ruger’s 10 round clear magazines works great for seeing how many rounds are loaded. They work the same as the standard model for all of my rifles including one that I bought in 1977. A spare magazine in 1977 cost $8 dollars and mine still works fine. I added a few more over the years and none have failed. I guess that means I would have been smart to bought more. Taking them apart and cleaning them is tricky. I read this is not highly recommended. However, I was dumb and stomped one of mine into the mud and it is still working fine after I cleaned it about 20 years ago.
Exact Same Size 12/5/2015
I dont know what the reason is for any negative reviews regarding fit and function of these mags. I bought 3 to add to the 3 black ones I have for two rifles. They work exactly like the black ones in both rifles. One rifle has the standard wood stock and one has a nylon stock. Both work but the nylon stock sticks just a tiny bit more with BOTH clear and black mags. The wood stock doesnt stick with either mag in the least. This tells me that both the clear and the black mags are the exact same size.
- Tim E., CA
Works fine 10/1/2015
I bought 10/22 50th anniversary edition new, it came with two black 10 round mags. I do steel plate shooting where we are timed. We need 5 mags with 7 rounds. I bought the only mag the shop had in stock, it was clear. I bought two more black at another shop. The clear fits my 10/22 perfect, one push on the release and any of my 5 mags fall right out without any problem. I want to get more of the clear because you can see what is left.
- Steven B, NY
These fit in my old 10-22 but not my new model & dont feed reliably. 9/16/2015
Like the title says, I have 3 of these, which appear to have been made by more than one manufacturer as the markings and logo stamp placement are different, and they fit a bit tightly in my older blued 10-22 but not at all my newer stainless model. They also tend to jam in the older 10-22 that they do fit in; a minimum of 1 or 2 jams per the 10 shots in a loaded mag. I would really like to trade them in for 3 of the old black mags, I have one old black 10 round 10-22 mag and 9 of the BX-25 mags, plus 6 very old clear/smoke plastic Ramline 50 round mags, all of which work great in both of my 10-22s fine.
Does Not Fit in American Rimfire 6/13/2015
Bought this to show my son how ingenious the rotary mag design was. i have to force it to fit and then pop it out....black factory mag fits and drop free. Pretty pissed to have to spend time grinding down the sides of mag that is built FOR the Rimfire. . Not so ingenious.... Id contact Ruger and ask for a replacement...but who wants to deal with the hassle?
- Robbie Craig, ON
Too wide 4/8/2015
Clear magazines are wider the original black magazines. They do not fit. Not sure why Ruger will not manufacture the clear magazines to original specs and sell those?
Disappointment 4/4/2015
The clear magazine is too wide. You can see the difference as compared to the original black magazines. I find it hard to believe that these out of spec clear magazines are being sold and actually advertised that they fit all of the models. Big disappointment that Ruger does not seem to care or want to make right. How hard is it to manufacture to the proper spec?
Too big 12/15/2014
I attended a couple of Appleseed events and everyone with the new 50th anniversary 10/22 had problems with these mags as I have had. They are simply too big to fit properly. The black mags are OK though. A shame since it is much easier to see the rounds when doing the mag changes required in these events.
Oversized 12/5/2014
I bought one of these because of the ability to see how many rounds are in the magazine. One problem. They appear to be over sized. I tried them in an after market stock and they are a bugger to get out. Actually they really dont even seat all that well. The regular black magazines work perfectly with this stock.
william harshman
Clear mag 10/12/2014
It does not work in the American Rimfire 22lr rifle. The clear mags are just a little bit wider than the BX and BX25 mags but work fine in my 10/22
Ruger Quality Control Not Here 10/9/2014
As a long-time Ruger customer from the 70s it breaks my heart to right a review like this. But here goes. I recently tried two of these clear 10/22 mags on an All American. To my surprise they are almost impossible to get out of the rifle. The OEM factory magazine that came with rifle just drops out fine. But the aftermarket mags are too wide and fail to extract without first pushing the mags out through the receiver. A search of Rugers magazine accessory lists customers with similar problems Some have measured clear errors in the size of the 10/22 mags. Unacceptable for Ruger to let something go like this.
- Robert Maziarski, NY
Works Great 8/9/2014
The quality is very good. I like being able to see the rounds left when I remove the magazine. The plastic is thick and durable. Easy loading. I have never experienced a mis-feed with this magazine during frequent use over the last year Ive had it. Worthy of the Ruger name.