10/22® TriMag™

10/22® TriMag™
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This adapter will assemble three 10/22® magazines into a single unit that can be inserted and extracted quickly and easily. Holds up to three standard 10/22® magazines. Made in the USA by Alangator™.

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Works great, easy to assemble 8/25/2021
Got these for my 10/22 and they are easy to use, work well and extend the single magazine 10 round capacity to make range time more fun.
- Marty W, CA
Great Accessory 5/27/2020
Very easy to assemble one screw. Holds the mags tightly. Flawless function. Looks cool too. I’ll be buying more. Recommended
Great little acessory 4/24/2018
I have two of these and will be ordering more. Another product requires you to glue two mags to their item. GLUE?? And it only holds two mags. Glue!! Still another one requires the mags be disassembled and the internals installed in a weird plastic thing. And you still only get two mags worth.. So, this is by far the best way to go and is cheaper.
- Don, TN
Great item 3/18/2018
I have used six of these since they were first introduced. I have never had a problem with any of them. My grandchildren love the fact that they act like a “ mini bipod “ when they place the gun on a table.
Trimag attachment for 3 10 round mags. 11/13/2017
bought it for my 10/22 carbine works great, will purchase another for my new 10/22 takedown...hope it works as well in my new takedown,.
- Ric, NV
Stovepipes empty case and or jams the next one 7/29/2017
I bought the tri-mag at the same time I brought my 10-22 carbine. Ihave had one jam after another. I tried different ammo no luck.I took one after another and replaced it with a new one, Still jams without running a 8 round mag.or 10. Advice to stay away from the box mags, maybe try a stick mag. If this doesnt work I will send it back to factory no matter how much trouble and cost it is. I just wont buy another.Ruger rifle.
Lynn Shockley
excellent quality 2/23/2017
biggest problem is having enough magazines to attach. works perfectly as described. no issues with inserting or removal. will be getting more.
- Derek Butler, IL
Works like a charm. 2/8/2017
I recently purchased two of the trimags, simple install great product Im going to order a few more.
Too heavy for American Rimfire bolt action 1/15/2017
On my Ruger American bolt action 22lr, the combined weight of three magazines cause it to fit loosely a bit out of the receiver, which causes reloading problems when working the bolt. I have to hold the trimag up with my left hand or forearm to get the next round to load properly. I do like the convenience of the trimag configuration though.
TriMag 12/1/2016
Great product. 30 rounds without grabbing for another mag and putting away the empty mag. I have 2 and will buy a few more. I did notice that the more expensive clear ruger mags dont fit as tight on the triMag as the Ruger black version. Still, tight enough. Its a nice fit for us here in Kalifornia.
Great item for CA residents 10/4/2016
Easy to install and use. Great product for 10 rd states
- Chris, CA
Great Product 9/4/2016
Have used this tri mag product since they first came out years ago. Was impressed with it , and still am. It is a simple design, and works perfect. The best part is, that it gives you 30 rounds on the rifle, and all three mags are tucked up tight against the belly of the weapon. I guess if you want to play army, you can use the aftermarket mags that hang down below the stock many inches, and unless you are on the range, those are not practical. I use the tri mag product on both my 10/22 and my bolt action left handed 17 HMR. Only difference in the unit for both rifles, is the screw. It is longer for the 17 HMR mag. Great product, and as simple as it gets.
- Michael Casselman, KS
TRI-MAG 6/22/2016
One magazine will not stay on Tri-Mag, bolt not long enough to attach nut. Too expensive to return. So I will just keep the magazines and throw out the TRI-Mag. Lesson learned do not shop with Ruger on line.
Self explanatory. 3/26/2016
For those of you needing better picture or definition, heres a description. It takes 3 ruger bx-10 rotary mags and connects them in a 3 point configuration all facing the same way. Another use for this could be, with a couple magazine dust covers on the 2 not loaded into the rifle this could substitute as a cheap bipod except it would be located directly infront of the trigger rather than farther down the stock. I will buy another since I have 3 loose mags. Makes it easier to find them in your bag when they are attached to each other.
- Jamie Ferguson, KS
an execelent product 11/28/2015
A great product;.....
Awesome addition 9/2/2015
I purchased one of these to keep my loose mags together. I already have 2 bx-25 mags, so I though what the heck. It was better than letting them rattle loosely in my pockets. It was easy enough to install. It is a convenient little item. My only dislike about this product is that when I carry my 22 on my shoulder with a sling I have to remove the magazines, otherwise they will poke into my side the entire time im walking. That isnt a factory defect, that is just me. The product performs just like its supposed to.
- Harold Cater, SC
works well 6/19/2015
have it, used it, works exactly as intended. practice switching mags to get faster.
great product 6/2/2015
The connector works perfectly. In a time where feel good legislation is attempting to and has limited magazine capacities in certain areas the Tri Mag allows the shooter to use three10 round magazines with a fast interchange allowing the shooter to get more rounds down range with only a negligible increase in time.
- Sergeant, FL
Great Product 11/7/2014
Ok hear is the deal b4 the br 25 came out the only truly reliable clip for the 10 22 was the 10 round mag it came with and extras you can buy . the other 25 and 30 round clips are nice but tend to have some feeding problems at times and as was stated below are a bit bulky when bench firing or firing prone .An additional statement i would like to make is this other than the br 25 the other 25 and 30 round clips are not very durable they can crack if packed improperly and get hit against a tree ect while hiking where as the original ten round cllips are metal and over all a superior mag.
- `Rusty, WY
Serious... 10/2/2014
This is a great product for folks who live in a 10 round state and/or if you do a lot of bench rest. I have have four of them!! Additionally, why rate something if you havent used it????
- jake, CA
Manny M. 9/24/2014
I would like to see a video of the TRIMAG in action. I gave it two stars because I have not used it yet.
This is a great product 5/14/2014
I prefer this method of carrying ammo over the BX25 style. It does not get in the way when bench rest shooting. Very easy to manipulate plus I can load different types of ammo in each mag when needed. I have two of these adapters so I can easily carry 60 rounds. I would recommend this product to anyone.
- D Taylor, IL
Great Gizmo 5/5/2014
Easily connects 3 of your mags together, securely holds them.
Tri Mag 4/28/2014
We need a better picture and description