GP100® Bianchi® Thumbsnap Belt Holster, RH, 4.2" Barrel

GP100® Bianchi® Thumbsnap Belt Holster, RH, 4.2
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This Ruger branded, hi-ride, closed-muzzle holster features a quick release, integral thumb snap to help you to quickly draw and to safeguard against the strap falling into the trigger guard when re-holstering. This holster is designed with two sets of belt slots for belts 1.75" wide or 2.25" wide. Made by Safariland.

WARNING: These products can expose you to chemicals including leather dust and styrene, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to

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High and Tight But Functional 3/29/2022
This holster looks great and appears well made but was so tight that I had great difficulty in getting it deep enough into the holster to secure the snap. After a few days this loosened up enough to be easy to operate. However, the holster still holds on to my GP100 tight enough that it takes one hand to draw and the other to hold on to the holster. It also rides higher than I would like for open carry in the woods. Since the embossed Ruger logo is on the thumb strap, after a few days it has started to become worn giving the holster an aged appearance.
This fits the GP100 Match Champion with 4.2 inch barrel perfectly! 11/24/2018
I needed a holster for my beloved revolver. Im very pleased with this product. It has no cracks or quality defects in the leather or stitching. It is soft leather with a beautiful color. Please be prepared to work the strap that covers the hammer a little to get it to snap shut with the handgun in the holster. Once it breaks in, however, it is a perfect fit. Being a Ruger supporter I really enjoy the logo on the strap as well. Shipping was very fast.
- Bob B, MI
Fits great 9/27/2018
This holster fits the Match Champion perfectly. The thumb snap was initially difficult to snap but after leaving the revolver holstered over night it stretched just enough. As for the ride height, I like that it sits slightly higher than some other holsters.
good quality but 5/17/2018
this is a very good quality holster. The only things are that it does ride a little high as has been mentioned. Also, its a little large on my old model GP100 in 22lr. Im assuming that this is because of the difference in the frame of the 22 vs the center fire models. Other than those small and nit picky things its a great holster. It does retain the weapon very well.
- joe smith, TX
Great Holster For My GP100 10/7/2017
Just received my new holster and it was initially tight loading my GP100 revolver into it, but after sitting inside it for several hours, the holster loosened up just like it was a part of the family.
Fits the GP100 MC like a charm 2/19/2017
Bought the Bianchi for my Ruger GP100 Match Champion although I didnt want a top strap to hinder me. Turns out the Bianchi was a good deal and the the leather hammer strap and snap releases better than my expectations. It took less than a week to get the hammer strap to conform .
Very good quality but..... 5/17/2015
Holster fits my Match Champion like a glove, super quality however it rides to high on my belt like the cops on NYPD Blue use. I understand that it probably benefits those who want it for CC but it is in the wrong place for me when I use it for hunting which means I have to reach up and back for it. Will have to purchase a Triple K belt holster instead.
- Charles Ziegler, PA
Great Holster 2/8/2015
I bought this holster and my GP-100 fit perfectly. Snug fit closing the snap at first, but improved over time. I particularly like the way it comes out of the holster. Smooth!
- Koyote, NV
Great holster!! 1/10/2015
Bought this for my Match Champion and it is a perfect fit! The revolver slid right in with no trouble and holds nicely with the strap! Very well constructed! Definitely recommend this holster if youre looking for one for the Match Champion!
super quality 11/26/2014
This holster fits my GP 100 stainless perfect. The craftsmanship is unmatched. Wont regret this purchase.
- Roscoe, FL

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