GP100® Bianchi® Thumbsnap Belt Holster, RH, 6" Barrel

GP100® Bianchi® Thumbsnap Belt Holster, RH, 6
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This right-handed, Ruger branded, Bianchi® Thumbsnap holster is compatible with the Ruger® GP100® double-action revolvers with 6" barrels. It is made of tan leather and features a quick release, integral thumb snap to help you quickly draw and to safeguard against the strap falling into the trigger guard when re-holstering. This holster has a hi-ride, closed-muzzle design and has two sets of belt slots for belts 1.75" or 2.25" wide. Made by Safariland.

WARNING: These products can expose you to chemicals including leather dust and styrene, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to

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image deceiving 6/29/2022
The holster doesn't cover the whole barrel. About 1/2 inch will protrude from below. I keep looking at the image and it seems it would but no, it doesn't. Beware this holster doesn't cover the trigger at all. I was naive in choosing this model. I imagine this is a revolver holster style from the single action times where the trigger does nothing until the hammer is back.
- Jorge, WA
Does not fit my GP 100. 7/31/2021
It takes a tremendous amount of force to push my GP100 into this holster and two hands too pull it back out. It is not for the GP.100
- Mitch Kudla, AZ
Perfect for my GP100 - 7 Shot, .357, 6 Barrel 7/13/2019
This holster was better than expected. It fit my 6 GP100, 7 Shot, Like a Glove. As the instructions stated, leaving the gun in the holster for a couple of days improves the fit. This holster can be had from other sources but the Ruger price was fair and I REALLY wanted the Ruger logo on this holster.
- Bruce L., TN
Some Minor Flaws 6/16/2015
First and foremost, the female side of the snap may scratch the cylinder when drawn. Also, the dye is much lighter that it appears in the picture. I may have see about having it dyed a darker shade. I do really like this holster, and I just got it today. I sat on my couch holstering and unholstering my GP100 repeatedly to break it in. The holster broke in quickly and now draws almost as nice as a nylon one. I have an Altamont grip on my revolver and found to reach the thumb snap, my hand is place at the perfect spot on the grip. Heres the real kicker: the holster rides a bit high, but not too high. I can conceal the 6 barrel under my rain jacket without a problem. I think I found my winter carry piece which is practically 9 months a year here ; .
- Austin, MN
Excellent Quality 2/28/2015
Superior design, fit, and function. inserting, and removing the weapon is exceptionally smooth, and secure, when snapped shut. Defenitly worth the money. I dont like all that weight on my hip, so using a large belt slung over the right shoulder and under the left plus securing a leather lace from the bottom of the holster to the waist belt keeps the rig very accessible and close to the body even when climbing or making your way through tight brush.
Michael T.