Gould & Goodrich™ Black Belt Holster, Ambi

Gould & Goodrich™ Black Belt Holster, Ambi
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Easily carry and conceal a variety of Ruger® handguns from the LCP® to the SR1911® with this Ruger branded, suede-lined. Ambidextrous, black leather holster is compatible with most Ruger® handguns without lasers. This slim, versatile, open-bottom holster may be worn inside or outside of pants, clipped onto pants or a belt, or may be worn by sliding the holster onto a belt that is up to 1-3/4" wide using the built-in belt slots. Note: does not fit Mark-Series 22/45™ Lite models. Made in the USA by Gould & Goodrich™.

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Multi 7/16/2022
I love this holster. Many different guns fit in it- - J frame revolvers & small pistols. It’s the most concealable of all my holsters. & most comfortable.
Awesome little holster 11/14/2021
I own this little thing and it comes so handy I open carry my sr1911 with it and use for conceal carry on a in belt derringer. That’s not the best part to me though I found that it fits the little ruger wrangler perfectly for atv, tractor work, even chainsaw work allowing me to easily switch from large bore to small bore at my convenience best 40$ ever spent on a holster. Thanks ruger. Oh yeah I have had it about 7 years and it’s still going strong 👍
- S Hoyt, WV
Reliable in the waist band option for CCW. 4/21/2020
Works great with Security 9 and the LC9s. Much more comfortable than polymer options and works with various weapons unlike polymer. Been using it for a good 6 months now and the leather has formed to my larger Security 9 but still reliably holds the much smaller LC9s when I want to be more discrete. Couldnt be happier, great buy.
concealed holster 1/12/2020
This is a great holster for my 9mm. I want one like it for my Ruger Mark 3 22. Do you have one?
- Gary Walker, KS
great holster 3/17/2016
Great holster, fit is good. Clip holds secure. works well right, left and in the small of the back.
- Rick, OK
great holster 1/22/2016
This holster is well made, looks great, fits the SR1911 well.
This is a great holster 8/31/2015
I bought these for my SR1911 and LC9. The 1911 fit perfectly. I had to work the LC9 a little at first holstering it started pushing the slide back but after a week or so breaking it in things worked fine. Ive used these things for just about everything -- concealed carry, open carry, staging in my car, etc. My only worry is that it may not hold up over time -- thats based pruely on the price, not anything thats happened so far. Still, at this price you can pretty much treat them as disposable. I plan on buying one with every new Ruger pistol I buy.
Great for 1911 45 6/17/2015
Excellent concealed carry holster, holds 1911 45 securely, easy draw, easier to conceal than a formed holster, a loose t-shirt conceals it on my belt, cannot find a better holster for the price.
- Jerry Gordon, TX
Very good holster 1/23/2015
i think this is the perfect holster for the 1911. It holds my gun securely but drawing quickly is no problem since theres no safety strap to mess with. I recommend it very highly. You cant beat it for the price!
- Jack Wright, WV