LC9, LC9s, LC380 Fire Sight Set

LC9, LC9s, LC380 Fire Sight Set
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Fixed fire sight set for the LC9, LC9s and LC380. The front sight has two protective bands for greater durability and bright sight picture. Made in the USA by Williams Gun Sight Company, Inc. Professional installation recommended.

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Front Sight GONE 5/11/2023
During the 3rd magazine of shooting, the front sight flew off. Overall, I like fiber optic sights but for some reason it did not work out too well on this gun. No way to secondarily secure the fiber optic front sight. I reinstalled the factory front sight.
- Giles Cothron, GA
Front sight doesnt fit 4/5/2021
Received quickly thought I be smart and go to a them back couple days later went shooting next day, third shot front sight was gone! Found it slid it back in fell right out on the ground. Called ruger they said send it with with slide so I did. A week later I received a call from ruger saying they can not install after market sights even the ones they sell! So they pinned the original white sight in not real happy. My lc9 is a gen 1 so sight dovetail might be bigger then newer models. you can not drill down thru the front sight of the fire sight! and pin sight, impossible especially were ruger put the hole! Spend the money and get the night sights with the hole in it!!
- Gordon, WA
Will not fit all lc9s slides 3/29/2018
Purchased these thinking they would be a great upgrade. The rear sight fit as it should but the front sight slides freely in the dovetail and has no provision for the roll pin that holds it in place. In addition the front sight dovetail width is much smaller in width and even if it fit tight would look like it didnt belong on the gun.
Completely Satisfied 4/24/2016
Didnt take too much time at all to get these fire sights shipped. Took them to a gunsmith the same day, and they were installed while I waited. Thought Id be smart and have them professionally installed. Cost me 30 bucks. Anyway, I like the way they look, and they are what they say they are. Thanks Ruger!!
Do not fit without filing 1/29/2016
Sights do not fit without filing them down, then the front sight does not use the roll pin to hold it in place so it ends up floating around when shooting. Lastly the front fiber shattered yesterday and is gone and 1 of the rear fibers is falling out. save your money and buy something better
Gun shop installed in a day 12/19/2015
I ordered this set from this website, and had a local gunsmith install it. I was quite surprised when the shop called less than 24 hours later and said everything was done. $25 out the door for a professional installation. The set provides an excellent sight picture and quick target acquisition. Well worth the money indeed!
- Rich, MI
Nice Sights, Vast improvement over Stock! 12/3/2015
I did not have the issues the other reviewer had, the proper punch, driven down from the top popped the front sight pin right out. There was a bit of filing/fitting involved, but this is fairly common with most sight upgrades...take your time, file just enough, and theyll pop right in. I used a vice with cork on each side to protect the slide and had no issues-front or rear. On the rears, just loosen the Allen screw 1/4 turn and drive em out, slight file/sand new sight and they were in. Nice system day or Low light shooting. Pitch black,well, not great but, the stock ones wouldnt be either. I LOVE mine on my LC9s Pro
Nice sights, but difficult to install. 10/27/2015
These sights are very nice for what they are, but only 4 stars because of the difficulty installing. First, you will need a needle file set to carefully file down the front bevel to allow proper fitting as the sights are impossible to fit without filing, and damaging them by forcing them into the dovetail. Second, the front sight is pinned to the slide, not a set screw. You will have to remove the slide from the gun and carefully drill out the pin from the top using a non marring vice and drill press with a 1/16 HSS drill. Drill out the pin just enough to allow the front sight to be drift pinned off. The new front site covers the old pin placement. The sights look and work great when finished, even with the somewhat time consuming installation.