LCP® II w/ Viridian Laser & LCP® MAX Mainstay™ Clipless Ambi IWB Holster

LCP® II w/ Viridian Laser & LCP® MAX Mainstay™ Clipless Ambi IWB Holster
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The Mainstay™ Clipless Holster provides immediate access to your firearm and allows for multiple styles of carry. Non-slip outer shell keeps holster in place when drawing. Shell includes a lightweight, water resistant silicone outer layer. Soft interior lining protects weapon and eases draw and re-holstering. Low profile ambidextrous design supports inside the waistband or pocket carry. Holster includes Ruger Eagle tag. Fits the Ruger® LCP® II pistol with Viridian® laser & LCP® MAX. Made in the USA by Elite® Survival Systems.

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LCP 2 W/ Virdian Mainstay Clipless Ambi Iwb Holster 8/16/2019
The above title of this holster is misleading. I bought it because I just knew by the title the holster had a magnet built in it to shut the Virdian Laser off when you put the gun in the Clipless Holster. The holster that came with the Virdian Laser did because thats what turns the laser on & off. Their wasnt a magnet built in this holster. Luckily I had a 1/2 Dia. round earth magnet. I slit the holsters material apart enough and inserted the magnet between the material and super glued the slit closed. It works great and I really like this holster now. its rubberized exterior grips your pocket so your gun slides out more easily with a little practice & once its wore in. Im still rating the holster 5 because It works so good.
- R. L. O., IA