MAX-9 9mm Luger Magazine Loader

MAX-9  9mm Luger Magazine Loader
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Detailed Description

The MAX-9 9mm Luger Magazine Loader was designed by incorporating more than two dozen critical dimensions for the pistol's magazine, resulting in optimal fit, loading speed, shooter comfort and product durability. The loader slides over the magazine and allows the user to depress the follower and slip a round into the mag just enough to catch the mag's feed lips. With the round partly inserted into the mag, the user then slightly lifts the loader and finishes inserting the round. This action is repeated until the mag is full. The loader also includes a built-in unloader to simplify the unloading process. It is made from injection molded black matte Nylon 66 for high durability and smooth action on the magazine. Available in black only. The loader carries a money-back guarantee from the manufacturer. Designed and manufactured in the USA by MakerShot LLC.

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