MakerShot Loading Block - SP101 Series - .38 SP & .357 Mag - 5 shot - Type 1b

MakerShot Loading Block - SP101 Series - .38 SP & .357 Mag - 5 shot - Type 1b
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Detailed Description

MakerShot developed this loading block using seven critical dimensions to ensure compatibility with the revolver's speed loader for ease of use and superior performance. It allows shooters to insert rounds into the speed loader without having to manually grab each round. Loading speed, stability, and durability decrease reloading time to optimize your shooting experience. Each block and lid are made of clear polycarbonate for durability and finish. The clear snap-on/snap-off lid stores rounds securely, simplifies transportation and displays the contents for easy identification. Shooters can save storage space by stacking multiple loading blocks with lids. Each block is 4 x 4 x 1-3/8. This loading block fits the SP101- Series in .38 SP / .357 Mag caliber (5 rounds) and the following loaders: Safariland J-C7, Speed Beez J38-05 and Jetloader F. Made in the USA by MakerShot.

NOTE: it is important to verify the block style before purchasing this product. Select the appropriate caliber, the number of rounds and confirm your loader or revolver compatibility. Refer to the attached Fit Chart for additional information.