Picatinny Style Scope Mount-Black Matte Finish

Picatinny Style Scope Mount-Black Matte Finish
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WEIG-A-TINNY® style Ruger® Mini-14® Scope Mount Ranch provides multiple scope mounting options. Supports mounting of mini or short length scopes as well as Aimpoint® red dots without permanent modifications or gunsmithing. Keeps the scope low over the centerline of the receiver to maintain optimum eye and scope alignment. Scope mount also has an enhanced ejection scallop for improved brass ejection. Multiple cross slots allow adjustment for maximum eye relief. Accepts all Weaver-style rings and accessories and accepts most Picatinny rings and accessories. It is not necessary to remove the rear sight to install the mount. Scope mount can be removed and replaced without the loss of zero.
Please note that the fixed sights are non-functional when this scope mount is installed. Keeping the scope as close as possible to the centerline of the barrel bore minimizes point of impact differences.
Lightweight and durable aluminum base is 5" long and weighs 2.6 ounces. Black matte anodized finish. Fits the Mini-14® Ranch Rifle and Mini Thirty® Rifle. Made in the USA by Weigand Combat Handguns, Inc.

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High Price 8/6/2020
It came for over 54.00 and with no Allen wrench. I bought a 2nd one just like like for 19.42 delivered to include tax with Allen wrench from some place else! Shame on you Ruger!
Good mount despite flaws 11/15/2017
Seems like a very reliable mount for the mini but there are a few things lacking with it. Firsts they didn’t include an Allen wrench with it and for 50 dollars they should. Second the logo goes to the front of the gun and I feel like it should have been to the rearcan’t fit the other way. Lastly with it on you can’t take the dust cover off with it on. None of these major issues because it works pretty good but it shouldn’t cost 50 dollars and it shouldn’t be on the ruger website.