Rifle Cheek Pad - Right-Handed

Rifle Cheek Pad  - Right-Handed
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Black cheek pad with Ruger logo that allows a solid cheek weld while aligning the line of sight with the optic mounted on the rifle. Cheekpad assists in reduced perceived recoil, making shooting more comfortable. Pad has a zippered pouch and cartridge loops.
Genuine Rugerģ Factory Accessory

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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Great for the storage 11/14/2022
Bought this several years ago ,for my 270 . Fits great and the storage for the clip is very handy. But nothing for a cheek pad.
- George, GA
Excellent 7/29/2022
Several years ago, Ruger was giving these away when you purchased a new American rifle. My wife and I both purchased rifles and received the cheek pads. We both really like the convenience of having ammo readily available and a small storage pouch too. Also, the cushion of the cheek pad is nice on cold mornings.
- Jerry, WV
Very nice and comfortable 4/13/2022
Very nice and comfortable have two gonna but another thanks and God Bless
- Saved, TN
Nice way to manage the Ruger American Rifle 4/11/2022
Ruger provided this accessory complementary with a new rifle several years ago. I liked it so much that I bought a second. Shim material was not included. I used strips of foam mouse pad to achieve the desired cheek weld and then wrapped them to the stock with packaging tape. The Rifle Cheek Pad goes over this and provides a finished appearance and handy storage for small items like scope tools, note cards and a pencil. The rig has held up well for many seasons.
Nice addition 6/28/2021
Love mine on cold days itís nice on the face. Plus it stores the mag while in the truck. I use the bullet holder to store the one in the chamber when done.
- Mike, NY
Ruger cheek pad - what a POS 7/22/2020
This doesnt come with inserts as the video suggests and even if it did, theres nowhere to insert them inside the rest. You have to cut something out to fit, and place between the but and rest and hope that the bungee cord pulls tight enough to hold the padding thats not secure, in place. Not to mention the quality is shoddy and the cheek rest area is uncomfortable with stitched seam running the length of the rest where youre supposed to comfortably and securely rest your cheek.. Terrible!
Check pad 5/22/2018
Dont waste your money on this pad its not what they say, pad dose not come with risers as video suggests quality is bad and they stick you with return shipping
love its handyness and comfort 3/11/2018
i hunt big game up north in Canada and it is great . When i get off my quad it is ready to go with enough shells for the day and handy to access shells when needed. Comfortable on my cheek in cold weather and helps smooth out the shots I ordered two more for my other American rifles.
- Elden Schira, SK
With a little ingenuity it can be great. Dont be a hater 11/16/2017
I had put foam and duct tape on my Ruger American Predator in 6.5 creed to raise the stock height. I did not get a free cheek pad so I improvised. Yes, it was not pretty but, it worked. I saw Ruger had a cheek pad so I ordered one. When I put it on I did not get the height I wanted. So I was a no brainer to place some foam under the pad until I had the height i needed. Now I have the stock height where I need it and it looks much better than the duct tape. It was money well spent. Now, I would have given 5 stars, but I had to do some modifications to get it right. The workmanship and quality is 5 stars.
Nobody is actually reviewing this! 6/6/2017
All the reviews here are just people saying how happy they are that they got something free for buying an American style Rugar rifle. As far as how this product performs as a cheek pad it is useless. Yes it has a pouch to store items in but thats not its main purpose. It is suppose to raise the height of your cheek weld which it doesnt. It just pads the area. If you actually need to raise the height look somewhere else. If you just want a soft pouch to hold stuff on you gun then this is for you.
- Jon, NY
Good rest 4/6/2017
Perfect pad dont need a pillow like guy below pouch big enough for extra clips and things
- Chris, IL
Pad? 12/8/2016
What makes it a pad? Please divulge this magical pad that I thought I bought. Just call it a shell holder...
- Scott Hayes, FL
It works... 11/27/2015
This item was free with the purchase of my rifle a couple of years back. Ive been using it now for a while and it has been very handy. Able to keep the ear plugs in the case, even a loaded clip or spare, and ammo on it. It also allows you to still have your sling attached. Only issue Ive seen is when you have the ammo loops full it tends to bow outward from the stock. Im getting a second to go on another rifle as well.
- Shawn, AR
Received my bonus cheek pad today 11/5/2015
Took awhile but received mine today as a bonus for purchasing the American rifle. Very high quality as is typical in any Ruger product. Fits well and anxious to get on the range tomorrow to try it out.
- Jim Patrick, IN
rifle cheek pad 9/22/2015
ruger sent one when I bought my first American rifle it is a very helpfu and handy to have on the rifle. uy can store extra loaded clips in the zipper pouch or anything small that u might like. I found it very handy for two fully loaded clips.
- Mike Lanouette, ME
Love It! 7/31/2015
I got mine free for buying the american rifle, it is good quality and very handy. I drop about 3 boxes of .308 in it and head out for the day and usually come back with it full of empty brass. Its great and I really appreciate Ruger giving it our for free, I will be returning to Ruger again the next time I am on the market.
Great BUT! 4/9/2015
Gday from downunder. Great item BUT! Me, myself and I happened to be Left Handed. This Cheek Pad is only in Right Handed config. Would of given 5 stars otherwise. Never mind, me mate just scored a nice cheek pad for his M77 free of charge.
- Wazza, INT
Handy and it works. 4/6/2015
Just received one of these in the mail as a complimentary gift for purchasing my Ruger American Predator in .243. It works and fits like a glove. This is not a useless gimmick but its rather functional.
Texas Southpaw
Great Addition for the American rifle 4/4/2015
Thank you for the complimentary cheek pad. I have owned rifles and hunted for better than 50 years and never had a cheek pad before. I really like it, great addition to great gun.
- David Tallen, VT
GREAT addition to my American! 3/16/2015
Very happy to have received this complimentary gift. I have been very pleased with it, minus the way it attaches to the stock. It fits it well, but is difficult to fasten tightly and keep that way. I am glad to have it, besides that. Thanks, Ruger!
- Adam, WI
Soft and fits well 12/30/2014
I have had a few different brands of cheek pad, and this free one I got from Ruger is by far the most comfortable I have had. Going to order a couple more for replacing ones on other rifles. Material is soft, and has enough room for inserting a riser for scopes that are mounted high on the rifle. I highly recommend this cheek pad if you are having troubles with field of view.
- Scott, MT
Thanks Ruger! 11/12/2014
I received one of these in the mail today as a complimentary gift from Ruger for purchasing an American Rifle. Nice little butt-cuff with cheek pad. Thanks!
- Troy Wakefield, MO
Nice addition 10/26/2014
Nice addition to the Ruger American purchased in .270. Made a nice cove to a quick fix comb raising job. Covered 1 1/2 of black duck nicely. Wish I had time to get a nice comb raising kit, but season rolled around to fast. Thanks Ruger
Great thanks 10/8/2014
Thanks this was a bonus for an already great product. Have been using Ruger products since the late 70ís. Very proud of all my Ruger firearms, and this Ruger American is a fine addition to my collection Ruger firearms.
- Thomas Marney, GA
Cheek Pad 10/2/2014
Just got my cheek pad for my .270 american ruger and I am not real happy with the fact that it doesnt come with any kind of shims or have a place at the top of the pad to insert any .
- Kevin McAdams, AZ
Never recieved 10/2/2014
This item was never sent to me, I tried to contact Ruger to make them aware of it a year later and they just took me in circles. Very happy with the rifles that I have bought not with the gimmicks.
- Forrest Simpson, ME
Great complementary gift for my 223 American Rifle 9/13/2014
Received this today, thoughtful,however, Im a lefty and appears it is only designed for right hand shooters.Will check further to see if a left hand pad is available
- Dave, FL
Great Idea, Good Price 5/11/2014
Really like my Ruger American Rifle and the Cheek pad I got with it. It holds 5 rounds on the stock and a box of 20 in the poutch.. Good idea
- Broderick Burke, KY