Ruger® Elite 452® AR-Trigger

Ruger® Elite 452® AR-Trigger
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The Ruger® Elite 452® AR-Trigger is the perfect upgrade for many firearms with .154" trigger/hammer pins. including the Ruger® AR-556®, SR-556®, and SR-762®. This new two-stage trigger offers a smooth, crisp, 4.5 lb. trigger pull and a lightweight hammer that enables a 30% faster lock time over standard MSR triggers. The Ruger® Elite 452® also features a full-strength hammer spring for consistent primer ignition and includes a safety selector and all necessary pins and springs for easy installation. Packaged with an ergonomic, optimized trigger-reach, polymer pistol grip, the Ruger® Elite 452® is shipped fully assembled in a polymer fire control housing which allows the trigger to be dry-fired prior to installation, and the assembly can also serve as a trigger manipulation training tool. As an added benefit, the pistol grip and safety selector switch packaged with the trigger can be installed on any Mil-Spec AR rifle lower as replacement parts.

Installation Instructions

Genuine Ruger® Factory Accessory

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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Just an overpriced Schmid 6/28/2023
Its LITERALLY just a Schmid 2 stage trigger with black paint and twice the price. Seriously, you can get this trigger anywhere else for $70. Or, do even better and buy a larue MBT for $100.
I love this awesome trigger. Thanks Ruger for the great guns& triggers 4/12/2021
I bought the 16 inch barrel Ruger 556 MPR and didnt realize it had this trigger. I was expecting the same slow run of the mil spec type we had in the Army m4. I was blown away with how fast it shoots. I loved it so much I went and put the 18 inch barrel Ruger MPR on lay away. Both have the Elite trigger. I may put one in my Anderson too. Honestly with this trigger you dont need burst fire, I have fired the M4 on burst and this to me seems almost as fast and it is actually a better steady rate of fire.
- Jeff middleton, AL
Better than a Giselle 3/17/2021
My brother and both built ARs at the same time, I chose a more budget friendly options, he chose top of the price range options. He prefers my ruler trigger over his 300$ Giselle, I can’t argue with him. This trigger has a very crisp break and slight take up. He will soon be changing his over to the ruler as well
- Jason, TN
Ruger Nailed it Again! 1/23/2021
I replaced the stock trigger in my AR-556 with this unit and could not be happier. Ive shot literally thousands of rounds through high-power rifles -bolt action, single shot, lever action and the AR/SR platform-through the course of my life and I know what a good trigger is supposed to feel like. The Elite 452 does not take a back seat to ANY aftermarket trigger out there and Ive shot most all of them.
I liked the first Elite 452 trigger so much that I bought a second one 1/3/2021
My first Elite 452 Trigger worked so well for me that I bought a second unit for another rifle. Both of them feel exactly the same to me, so I can switch between guns with no need to focus on a new let-off. There is little take-up and let-off is very crisp. This trigger performs close to my other ones that cost three times as much. I recommend them to anyone either shopping for a Ruger rifle that comes equipped with them, or anyone building a good, but not so expensive rifle.
Magnolia Shooter 12/14/2020
You may already know how important the trigger. My Ruger AR went from 8 to. Smooth 4. Just another important piece to a great weapon. Get you one.
Barrels 12/7/2020
K g awesome
- K g G, AZ
Very happy 12/14/2018
This trigger came stock in my MPR 556 Ruger. I am so impressed with the rifle overall, but especially so with the trigger. Shot groups are consistently withing a 2 radius at 100 yds - with iron sights, even better with the red dot I added. Im a 20 year Army vet - wish we were issued this weapon instead of that raggedy mil-spec M16...
- Buddy Lowery, MS
Great trigger, right out of the box. 4/4/2017
My 452 trigger came standard in my new SR556. I found it to be better than many triggers that cost twice its price. The trigger has only a slight and light take-up followed by a smooth and silent release. After a few test and practice shots, youll be able to take advantage of its crisp let-off. Its a keeper.
- Roger, MI
Money well spent 12/23/2016
This was a total splurge. My wife can never figure out what to get me for the holidays. Most of my toys are too expensive. I asked for this. I have a stock Ruger 556 and using a bipod put 40 rounds in a 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 inch pattern at 75. You could count 7 holes plus the area where most of the rounds went in the same place. I installed the elite today and went to the range. I put 100 rounds into a 1 3/4 x 1 3/4 inch pattern. There were only 10 discernable holes beside the primary entry area. A definite improvement. The trigger pull is smooth. Unlike the factory trigger on most shots I had no idea when it was actually going to fire. Unlike 2 stage triggers I m used to in hand guns there is not a huge amount of slack which is no problem. I am very pleased with this upgrade and would recommend it. I am not a gun enthusiast and would not spend hundreds of dollars on any upgrade. For the price this is an excellent option.
- Ken Segal, GA
Great For Non-Ruger ARs 12/21/2016
After seeing all the good press, and wanting a two-stage trigger that fell between the normal lousy AR triggers and an all-out race trigger, I decided to use it in my AR-15 build. I got a very clean, shortened trigger light enough to compete with in 3-Gun in the local matches yet be heavy enough to be safe for every day use. I bought a second one for my next AR-15 build.
Great Trrigger 9/8/2016
Just tried out my new trigger today works great nice feel. smooth action. Could have used little better photos on assembly instructions.
Great Trigger ! 8/27/2016
Just a tiny bit of take up then a nice light pull and snap. This is just what I was looking for.
Replaced stock trigger in earlier build SR556, certainly a huge improvement going from 8+ pound creepy pull to smooth 4ish pound pull. Feels almost as good as the Timney trigger in my 10/22 that cost over twice as much.
Just installed the ELITE 452 AR TRIGGER and it exceeded my expectations. CLEAN TAKE-UP and nice no-creep break. It was not too difficult to install if you have several punches to help guide the pins into place. One thing I did was to use the stock disconnector spring as it is flared at the base and stays in place better than the one supplied with the kit which is not flared when installing the trigger. I put the original parts into the supplied pistol grip so they would not get lost. They fit ok, however you cannot install the safety selector in the pistol grip as the stock trigger has a longer base and it will not fit, boo-hiss..Over-all I am totally satisfied and would recommend this to anyone, Light enough for target shooting and heavy enough for hunting.
Standard in the SR-762 5/21/2016
After watching hours of YouTube videos and reading multiple reviews, I decided to buy an SR-762. Many, many people in their reviews stated what an atrocious trigger the rifle had. Well, I purchased the gun on GunBroker, so I couldnt test the trigger out for myself. Imagine my delight when it arrived and I found this jewel installed. I guess in the early production models, they were using a different, mil-spec trigger group. It seems Ruger has upgraded the standard trigger from the factory to the to the Elite 452. I have a Colt HBAR Target and a Bushmaster carbine, both with mil-spec triggers, and the Elite 452 in my SR-762 is miles and miles beyond the other two. I dont know if I would call the Elite 452 quite match grade, but I would be completely comfortable saying that it approaches match grade. I dont have a trigger scale, but compared to the X40 trigger in my Remington, I honestly believe that my SR-762s trigger breaks somewhere around 3.5 pounds. If you are looking for a very fine trigger for much less money than some of the other drop-in units, I would very strongly suggest giving this one a try.
- Ben Griggs, TX
Excellent 4/15/2016
My AR-556 now has this trigger, and is an absolute joy to shoot. The stock trigger opened my groups up to over 1 MOA, and with this one I can keep them close to 1/2 MOA.
- John Mazza, PA
Works as advertised 1/16/2016
Received trigger yesterday only 6 days after order. I have never worked on an AR before so I watched a You Tube video and followed the instructions provided by Ruger. Everything went as it should and the new trigger is a vast improvement on the original on my Bushmaster.
- Bill, MI
Great trigger at a great price 12/30/2015
The trigger is a perfect addition to an AR build. Its cost effective, relatively easy to install, and as good as it says. Ill be buying more.
- JC, IN
NOT SO GOOD 12/21/2015
Very ratty trigger. Would expect much better from Ruger. Took it out and put my original back in that I tuned myself. Dont waste your bucks on this item.
Better than expected 11/18/2015
What an improvement at a good price. Consistent break at just under 4lb.
- jim, FL
Excellent 2 Stage Trigger 11/12/2015
This trigger group rivals $200-$300 trigger groups, the take up is smooth and consistent, then the trigger breaks aroud 4.5# everytime. I have run Hiperfire, Geissele, and RRA, and I would take this trigger group. It is the best trigger for $150 on the market.
Great deal 4/30/2015
I bought this to replace the stock trigger in my SR762, which had an average trigger pull of 9-lbs, 6-ozs, with a standard deviation of 8.4-ozs. This is a little heavy for my liking, and a little unpredictable on when it will break. With the Elite 452 trigger installed: The first stage travel ends at 3-lbs, 6-ozs, with about 3/16-inch of take up travel. The second stage breaks cleanly at an average of 4-lbs, 6-ozs, with a standard deviation of only 0.5-ozs, over ten tests. This is very predictable, and while still a bit heavier than I like is completely acceptable. It is well worth the money, and one of the best bargains in a trigger available for the AR platform.
nice unit 4/21/2015
Some reviewers on here apparently cant tell the difference between creep and take-up. This is a two stage unit with light smooth take-up and a relatively crisp break. Ive had hands on three different units and all the trigger pulls were consistent with a total weight of right about the advertised 4.5 lbs. Maybe not quite as good as some of the match triggers which retail for $100 more, but a HUGE improvement over any standard GI i.e. any trigger which comes in a Ruger AR trigger pull.
Wow 4/12/2015
Just bought on of these and put it in my AR. VERY nice trigger. Gives my other drop in trigger some serious competition for nearly half the price. Dont hesitate to pick one up, you wont be disappointed. I wasnt! Keep the good stuff coming Ruger!
- Randy Miller, UT
Nice unit, nothing special 4/5/2015
I wanted a good 2 stage for my AR, assumed Ruger would be exemplary unit and ordered this I must admit that I was intrigued by the included dry fire housing too. Not so. Trigger breaks cleanly AFTER lots of creep. Barely better than a GI trigger group.