Ruger® Mini-14® A-TM Folding Stock - Stainless

Ruger® Mini-14® A-TM Folding Stock - Stainless
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The Samson Ruger® Mini-14 A-TM Folding Stock is reminiscent of the one made famous by the hit TV series in the 80s. This stock is made using original casting molds and wood components from Ruger. The stock incorporates a walnut forend (replacing the original birch), a stainless-steel stock tube, a cast steel folding butt plate hinged housing and an injection molded polymer pistol grip (replacing the original Bakelite grip). The stock has a 13.5" length of pull, the same as the original. Stock dimensions (folded): 19.5" L x 5.5" H x 3.5" W. Stock dimensions (extended): 29.0" L x 5.5" H x 2.25" W. Stock weighs 4.2 lbs. (rifle not included). The A-TM Folding Stock features a drop-in fit using the customers' pre-existing Ruger Mini-14® or Mini Thirty® Rifle components. Installation instructions included. This is a natural wood product; color of wood grain varies. NOTE: Stock is designed for Mini-14®/Thirty® rifles with serial numbers 181-xxxxx and higher and serial numbers 580-xxxxx and higher. Manufactured by Samson Manufacturing under license from Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc.

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finish of the stock 6/19/2023
I'm not happy with the finish on the wood, it has a matted finish on a very dark wood. The function of the folding action is flawless and the fit was perfect on my mini 30, that is why i still gave it a 4 star rating.
- John, MI
Got lucky 6/16/2023
Ordered over the weekend and got shipped couple days later. Was a bit apprehensive about ordering given wait times and backorder status but decided to go for it. Glad I did- YouTube channel MAC reviewed it recently and sure enough…out of stock everywhere
J Rodriguez
Overselling with low stock 2/14/2023
I cannot speak for the stock itself, but I am very disappointed in ruger. They had this item in stock when I ordered it and then the next day informed me it was suddenly on back order with no guarantee when I would receive it. When I contacted customer service the manager refused to talk to me and informed me that I must be lying about it being in stock when the order was placed. I have dealt with colt, smith and Wesson, beretta, sig, fusion, aero and others. It is a shame to say that this is the worst customer service I have experienced. I sincerely hope they try to make this right and do better in the future
ATeam certified 10/2/2022
Quick shipping. Product is quality forsure. It was super easy to install by myself.
- Kyle Tubbs, AZ
Worth the wait! 9/10/2022
I waited 5 months (supply chain issues) to get this beauty, but man it was worth it. The walnut is dark and perfectly finished and the fit and finish of the hardware is awesome and tight.
Not like the ORIGINAL factory folding 5/25/2022
I paid $1000 for an original, Ruger factory folding stock, on Ebay. Luckily I was able to buy it, before Ebay banned these items as "illegal/dangerous". Someone told me "you overpaid, I bought mine new from Ruger for $300!" It didn't look like the original folding stock and is made from an aftermarket manufacturer 👎. I don't understand why Ruger hasn't returned to manufacturing these factory folding stocks... I don'thave an AR15 rifle, but my "Minnie" is made of stainless and wood, it doesn't look like a Starship Troopers rifle and is 100% Ruger and 🇺🇲USA🇺🇲 made
- Howard, AZ
Great Stock, Bought 2 so far! 4/27/2022
I had seen these around for years but they were on riles and the owners were way to proud of the guns to ever make a deal. Recently found a GB style blue mini with standard wood on it. I had to have one of these so found and ordered. Stumbled across a stainless rifle with synthetic stock and traded for it. Ordered another one for that. These came from two different sources and both came quickly and I can't find any fault with either of them. Beautiful high quality stocks in both black and stainless. My only problem is figuring out how to mount the sling on the rear of the guns. I see the place for a ring or attachment of some kind but haven't found the proper part yet? Any help would be appreciated.
- Mark, OK
I just got lucky! 4/16/2022
I was born in the 60's so watching this A Team TV series on the 80's with their mini rifles is something I have been dreaming to own.( really enjoyed that TV series, I miss Mr. T) A beautiful classic rifle! I thank you Samson & Ruger for bringing this back to life. This stock is very hard to get & a very looong wait to order & always out of stock. Once in stock, I grabbed & ordered it immediately! I just got lucky!😂. I have been watching their stocks for months including their magazines. People love them, why don't you build more Ruger/ Samson. I don't understand why some reviews said the quality is so so. But mine is beautiful in and out. Thank you very much Samson! From a happy Kid on the 80's.
- Jhonell M., NV
honest review 3/19/2022
samson is pounding the stocks out, and the quality is poor. the machining is poor they’re grinding away on the metal to make them work, the up and down slop is terrible. I’ve returned 3, and gave up. ruger makes quality guns, samson makes the stocks, and they dont match ruger quality
Honest Review
Wow 2- day delivery! 2/8/2022
Been waiting for this folding stock to be in stock again. I was able to order one on February 5th 2022 and even though it was on a Sunday it was delivered the following Tuesday! Fit and finish is amazing, so I'll definitely be ordering one for my Ruger 10/22 .
- Marty, TN
Love the stock! 2/2/2022
Looks perfect! Brought it all together with my new red dot! A lot of people are saying it’s a 2 minute swap… I think I did it in 45 seconds with all the videos I’ve watched on this thing. Anyways great product great build quality, worth every penny! Thanks Samson and Ruger for this great product.
- Justin Bullock, UT
A-tm stock 1/29/2022
Ordered January 23rd will receive on Wednesday February 2nd so less than a week and a half for shipping! Not bad considering most people had to wait months for their orders. Will review once more after I receive it on Wednesday
- Justin Bullock, UT
Poor stocking of a stock 1/17/2022
Every time I pull this up it says out of stock. Why can’t u keep it in stock? I’m so tired of this crap I’m thinking of selling my mini 14 and getting a kel-tec. I’m serious. Friends I have tell me the same. If u can’t deliver. Just say so, and I will quit buying Ruger.
Had to send back to Samson 1/2/2022
i ordered mine directly from Samson. I have to say it was beautiful, the walnut was perfect and the thing was very well made. The problem was when I cycled the action, the action would hang up. The people at Samson were very apologetic and said as soon as I returned it , they would send another one. They said that occasionally the wood is out of speck. I was really disappointed that it didn't work because it was a well made, beautiful piece of work. Hopefully the replacement works, and is just as pretty and well made. I will post another review when I get my replacement.
Here for Christmas 12/23/2021
I placed a web order for this item on Sunday the 19th of December and had the box delivered free of charge on Thursday the 23rd, a day ahead of schedule, in time for Christmas. I have a standard blued Ranch Rifle and was afraid the silver tone of the stock would clash but there was no need to worry. The wood is better than I expected it to be. Installation was simple and effective, leaving it up to me to decide what I prefer for a sling and related hardware. Zero slop or play. The end result is a beautiful companion to my 1976 Bicentennial Mini 14.
Works with older pre-580 S/N Mini-30 **Ten Stars!** 11/6/2021
I purchased one of these stocks for my 1994 pre-580-xxxx S/N Mini-30. I figured if it didnt quite fit, I could work the wood until it did. My barrel and receiver dropped right in. The only issue was the pistol grip, which was installed slightly off center. So, I simply removed the grip, dropped in the barrel/receiver, re-attached and centered the grip and it looks and functions great. It took all of 10 minutes for the installation. I had an ATI polymer folding stock on it. This folding stock looks sooooooo much better! Im not sure why the warning that older Mini-30s wont fit. Also, the walnut wood is uniformly medium-dark, not light and not blotchy. The barrel/receiver fit snugly with no slop or wiggle. I wouldnt hesitate to order if you have an older Mini-30.
- Kris, OR
Happy Hippy 10/31/2021
Just arrived today after ordering three weeks ago. Very well made, the folding stock is very stable in both positions. Raining today so will post again next week after I am able to make a trip to the range.
Finally moneys worth! 10/29/2021
Perfect in every way, color of the wood, the finish, the fit, the ease and quality of the fold, perfect in every way! Only thing, wish they also came in blued finish, but this one perfect for my stainless mini 14.
- Larry Espey, NC
Awesome heavy duty stock 10/8/2021
Only one lil chip in finish where stock folds but I will probably do worse looks so cool been wanting one Ever cents I seen one it will get some range action the pachmayr SR9/SR40 full size grip gloves fit i just fine 👍👍
Cody Tamez
Looks exactly like the mini George Peppard had !!! 10/6/2021
This stock is amazing folks!!! It easily installed in a few minutes. I have a newer 584 series fit like a glove. It includes the metal liner and the reinforcements for the wood and it comes fully assembled. These are extremely popular and every time i checked to see if they were in stock, they were all sold out. If you see these in stock ya must act quickly theyll be gone when you wake up the next day. Very high quality and it does make the mini 14 more compact and a tad lighter, the length of pull is the same as the wood and polymer stocks.
Mini-14 A-TM stock 9/6/2021
Having been checking for this to be in sotck for a long time, I placed a back order for this item expecting a lengthy wait. Happily I received it not long after ordering. Fit and finish was all I expected and mounting it on an early Mini-14 Stainless went without a hitch. Looks great. If you are on the fence, get it!
Great fitting stock 8/19/2021
Great stock, the color is a medium shade and matches my original wood handguard perfect. The lockup is tight with no rattle on any parts. Folded or unfolded everything is tight and the trigger group locked up tight with no binding on any internal parts and everything functions as it should. Very pleased with this purchase, now Ruger needs to make the sling side swivel gas block for a more authentic look. I have two original folders and this one is an identical match except for the mounting screws and wood.
- Jim, AZ
Great stock 5/28/2021
Great stock. Wait was little over 2 months so was not to bad. Stock color is great. Color matches my other wood stocks for my minis. Look and feel of this thing is great
- Jesse Beisner, AL
Quality 5/19/2021
Looks like quality . Feels like quality. Quality fit. Very pleased.
Literally just opened the box.... 4/8/2021
My god...FAR better than I was expecting given the complaints of color, looseness, ect....This thing is PERFECT!!! Reciever went in flawlessly and feels phenomenal, actually, the trigger assembly feels a bit set back into the stock somehow and is even more comfortable than the standard stock!!!...Cudos guys!! All this coupled with a timeframe FAR sooner than originally estimated is just all so much its hard to keep babbling about how good it is without sounding like a simple fanboy!!!...Thanks again, and Im doin the old show and brag to everybody I run with about it!!!
- William Perry, OH
High quality 4/3/2021
This folding stock is very high quality. The 2 hinged joints on the steel folding arm are built to last and the wood is beautiful. You are definitely getting your moneys worth on this product. Well done Samson!
Wood/color issue? 3/19/2021
First of all, I understand the delay on these stocks but was surprised it did not take as long as I thought it would. I ordered early January and received an email a few days ago and it arrived today. I have read how the wood was very light blonde and which was an issue with many reviews. I guess Ruger and Samson must have listened to the complaints. My stock wood texture was smooth and even on both sides and the color was a nice light to dark brown color. No blonde wood here and it will not need to be stripped and refinished. Its a very nice product and Im glad I took the chance on this item.
Extremely Nice Stock. Very Impressed. 3/10/2021
Wow! I am very impressed. I ordered this on Christmas Eve 2020 knowing that it probably would not get here until around May 2021 because of the super high demand. But, I received it yesterday, March 10th. This stock is a very nice, high quality item. Fit is perfect, fits the receiver like a glove. The mechanism on the folder works perfectly, with just the right amount of play while still being precise. I was somewhat worried that the wood stain would be too light as that was a complaint from others. However, they must have heard the complaints because this one is the exact same color as my regular wood stock, which looks great. The A-TM stock is walnut instead of birch like the factory stock, both are nice woods. I weighed both stocks and the A-TM is six ounces heavier than the factory wood stock, which is not bad. I was hoping I would luck out and receive one with nice flamed out grain but that did not happen, which is fine. LOL. It was well worth the wait of two and a half months. Thank you Ruger and Samson!
Just like before—Mini 14 folder 3/6/2021
I ordered a folding stock for my Tactical, had the composite folder but it was uncomfortable and bulky. After waiting about six months I was notified my stock would be shipped. Upon arrival I was quite pleased with the workmanship on the stock and found it matched exactly the 15 year old folding stock on my neighbors Mini he actually got it from me. The combination is certainly more compact and the stock sturdy when open but it adds to the weight of the Carbine.
- Michael Schamun, TX
Ruger deletes bad reviews 1/28/2021
I reviewed this stock a couple months ago. Ruger deleted my review. Be aware of finish. They sent me one that each side was a different color and grain. Looked horrible.
- Matt, IL
Excellent rendition of a classic 1/22/2021
I ordered the stock as many years ago I foolishly traded my Mini 14 folding stock rifle for another firearm. I since bought the Mini with a 16” barrel and full length polymer stock and when the folder was again offered bought one. The wood is slightly lighter in color than my previous one but in all aspects it is a clone of Rutgers original. If you order be prepared for a six month wait before the order is filled as the demand is that great.
- Ibmikey, TX
I love it when a plan comes together 1/22/2021
I bought a Mini 14 GB because of this stock, I told myself if they ever became available at a decent price I would suck it up and buy one. I didnt expect that to happen in the form of a brand new item, but here we are! The finish on mine is dark looks like the original, The craftsmanship is top notch, it feels very solid and operates just like the originals. I am very impressed. Two side notes: 1. The alignment feels like it is off, but thats the way it was designed, you need to apply slight downward pressure to the metal stock when folding it verified this with the MFG. 2. The rear swivel does not come with the stock, the 1 nickel model # GTSW03 from Grovtec works really well.
- Andy, VA
walnut is too light in color 1/13/2021
this is a really nice stock, other than it not looking anything color wise like what is shown in ad. it is almost a desert tan in color. :
disappointed 12/29/2020
not worth the wait. color of wood is more blonde, than what you think of walnut being. not at all like what is shown
Fit and finish on this stock absolutely perfect! The color was much lighter than pictured. I still would have bought it anyway as there is nothing else on the market even close to this. In my opinion anybody complaining about this stock didn’t want it in the first place. This is the real deal as identical to the original as possible.
- Michael, LA
5.56mm 12/15/2020
Have 4 all mounted on Stainless Steel series 180 thru 190s as well as 2 other SS rifles mounted on regular factory wood stocks but wish they werent all blond like in color.
Excellent product 9/22/2020
I put the stock on a new Mini-14 Tactical Stainless model 5819 and it looks incredible. The fit and finish are perfect. The wood is much lighter than the stock on my older blued Mini-14 factory folder but I really like the look. No issues with uniformity in the wood grain. The entire stock is a solid, light blonde color.
- Mike, TX
Beautiful 9/17/2020
Even better than expected. Tight and very well made had an original years ago and can not tell the difference.
love it 9/12/2020
i just love it. fits mini 30 perfect. 194 series
- pat mech, PA
Take Stock 8/22/2020
Wow! This stock compliments the brushed stainless finish of my 188 series quite well. It is one sturdy, rugged stock too and locks tight in both the folded and open positions. The wood grain on mine is lighter than most Ive seen which looks way cool. From all indications Samson did a marvelous job replicating Rugers own original folder. It has great function and utility. Take stock in this great mini 14 accessory.
This stock is worth every penny and every day I waited. It’s totally transformed my already cool Mini into a totally unique All American rifle with some trivia associated with it. The workmanship is flawless. When fully extended the stainless folder is tight as a drum. When locked against the side... also tight. Absolutely love this stock! When extended, you can totally bear down on the sights for some serious action. When shouldered it fits so snug against your body you don’t even know it’s there. Can’t say enough about how much this stock transformed my MINI! Great job Samson/Ruger.
Ted Nite
great pistol stock 4/2/2020
this is great if you own a mini-14! I have a few M-1 carbines and this type of stock would really *********
- Jerry M, AZ