Ruger Precision® Rifle Magazine Release Extension - Black

Ruger Precision® Rifle Magazine Release Extension - Black
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The Precision Rifle Magazine Release Extension allows for quick magazine release access and positive disengagement for decreased reload times. It is designed for active environments to minimize snag points while delivering full functionality. The magazine extension installs forward of the trigger guard and is easy to activate with the trigger finger without changing grip. The location is designed to be convenient for practicing proper trigger discipline: the trigger finger does not rest on or near it to prevent accidental magazine release. Ergonomically designed for use with and without gloves. No disassembly required. Simply put our extension on the existing mag release, install the screw, and tighten. Requires an 8-32 Allen wrench to install Extension (not included). Aluminum is finished in anodized black for added durability. Made in the USA by Catalyst Arms.

NOTE: Does not fit Ruger Precision Rimfire Rifles.

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Easier to Release The Mag 4/20/2022
I have the Ruger RPR 6.5 Creedmoor 24" barrel and always had trouble releasing the Mag. This Precision Mag Release makes this process allot easier for me, really nice to use. Easy to put on also.
Requires fitting on RPR magnum caliber models 1/26/2019
The Mag Release Extension from CATALYST A.R.M.S. was well made. The finish was clean and the design was sound. I’m not sure if the part is out of specifications or if the magazine toggle on the Ruger Precision Rifle in Magnum is different than the short action. Either way I extended the slot in the magazine paddle about 1/8 of an inch and the part fit perfectly. Should state fitting by a gunsmith required on the advertising. Other than fitting issues it was a well made product.
- Tommy Estrada, CA
Great accessory for the RPR 7/13/2018
Fabulous for fat fingers ... installation took about 30 seconds & the fit & finish is perfect.
- Nimbo, NJ
Best RPR mod so far 11/12/2017
Super quick 30 sec. install. Easy to engage and up out of the way for someone like me with big fingers.