Ruger® Rifle Takedown Case

Ruger® Rifle Takedown Case
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This Ruger® RifleTakedown Bag was designed to carry the PC Carbine™ or 10/22® and their accessories. The bag incorporates a variety of essential features that optimize organization, versatility and security:

The outside top pocket fits the instruction manual, ammo, cleaning supplies, eye and hearing protection or other small accessories; The outside bottom pocket includes organized storage for up to (6) loaded pistol magazines or a similar number of BX-1, BX-15® and BX-25® magazines. It also can also store many smaller pistols in the front of the pocket for quick, convenient access; The large interior pockets are sized to accommodate the stock and barrel (forend) sections with optics mounted. Both are padded and secure with hook & loop fasteners. Three additional interior pockets organize essential gear including bipods, slings, parts, tools, etc. Metal hardware is designed to comfortably and safely carry the weight of the rifle, loaded magazines and other gear. Backpack style case includes 4 D-rings to attach two carry straps (included) to wear in a variety of ways for flexibility and comfort. The case has locking zippers to secure the rifle during transportation. Two handles on the top of the case make it easy to carry vertically. NOTE: PVC Ruger patch is removable for more discrete carry. Overall case size is 25" L x 8" W x 5.5" D. Outside pockets are 10" L x 8" W x 1.25" D.

Made from heavy-duty black denier nylon with MOLLE mounting points. Available in black only. Made by Regal.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to - Use of this product including its use after discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms, or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead. Have adequate ventilation at all times and wash hands thoroughly after handling this product.

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Perfect for Takedowns 7/28/2023
I recieved one of these cases with my Ruger 50th Anniversary 10/22 Takedown model in 2014. I recently purchased a Ruger 9mm PC Carbine Takedown and found that both the 9mm Carbine and the 10/22 fit nicely in the case, and there is still room for magaines, etc. for both rifles. In the 9 years of owning this case it has stood up to moderate abuse and still works and almost looks like new yet. Makes going to the range with both rifles a breeze.
- Griego, WI
Fantastic Case !!! 4/11/2023
Bought this for an upcoming Ruger PC Carbine M-LOK purchase.... I fit 10 G19 Magazines in the Front lower pouch, + 10 G26 Magazines in the front top pouch. The fit Perfectly. On the inside,...... I'm using the top pouch (I think meant for glasses),... to store the original butt-pad + spacers, which I am replacing with aftermarkets. The pouch for the scope could be a 1/4" bigger around or so,...but it does, barely, fit my Leapers UTG Bugbuster scope. I might use the pouch above it for either my Holosun Red Dot, or if I leave it on the rifle,....for tools, or ammo ?? The butt end of the PC Carbine will fit no problem.... I'm hoping the barrel end of the PC Carbine with the M-Lok forend, will hopefully fit with a Streamlight TLR RM2 + a Strike Industries Link Hand Stop attached,....I Hope, and it looks like it will, but I can't confirm. I suspect, if it does, anything bigger would not....??? I also like the double zipper for a small padlock. I do wish the two front pouches had double zippers as well for the same reason, but.... I think this is a Fantastic Case. It was out of stock for awhile, and I caught it right when it came back in, and at $35 Bucks. I Jumped on it ! I just wish I would of bought 2. Lol. Even at $90, ....I think this case is Well worth it, and would still buy it..... I Highly Recommend it to anyone thinking about it.
Bag is cheaply made 4/24/2022
The bag began to come apart almost immediately. There is no warranty and the company is not willing to stand behind this item.
Fred Powell
carry bag 3/6/2022
This is perfect go to bag for my 9mm carbine rifle i can put everything need in it. I only added A empty tennis ball sleeve which holds over 100 rounds on extra ammo. great purchase and it is a lot cheaper now. But I have mine.
- Donald Hanger, VA
A fantastic bag at a fair price. 2/18/2022
I purchased a PCC9 after a friend showed me his. It was imperative that I purchase a case prior to hitting the range. I searched the internet and did not see anything I wanted. Then I came across this takedown case. I read all of the reviews and I was hoping when the new bag came in it would fit my 33 round Glock mags. (Since a previous review said there were issues). Well the first thing I did was slide 4 Glock magazines into four of the six slots and they fit with room to spare, I was pleased. Then I broke down my carbine and noticed the stock was a little to long for the pouch. I could barely get the flap to close. (I had installed the two spacers that came with the stock, so the stock was about 1” longer that normal). This is my only complaint about this bag. The pouch for the stock needs to be about 2” longer. As noted there is no handle on the long side of the bag. Taking one of the two back pack straps and routing it as a shoulder strap works great as a horizontal handle. I give this bag five stars because 4.5 stars are not available. It really is very well made as previously noted. I would buy this bag again. Not to mention the fact this bag is fairly priced, I received free shipping and I also received a $10.00 gift certificate. Did I mention it was shipped promptly and very well packed? Thank You Shop Ruger, I will be back!
Rifle take down case 12/14/2021
This case fits my PC carbine perfectly . There is a lot of extra pockets for ammo, glasses, magazines & hearing protection, plus. The case is well built with the ability to lock the zipper. Should be able to take abuse.
As Advertised 12/13/2021
Beautifully made with strong materials. Perfect for my PC and SR together. Great range bag.
- John Wolfmeyer, NC
Bad design 12/7/2021
Should have put the handle on the long side. Big mistake Ruger
Great, except for handle location. 10/29/2021
The only carry handle is at one end, but the case quite long. If you are under 6 feet tall, the case will drag the ground. There should also be a handle on the long edge.
- John, GA
Perfect Bag 1/6/2021
This is the perfect bag for the 10/22 magpul backpacker plenty of room for rifle 4 bx25 magazines Glock plus 5 magazines small medical kit plus 500 rounds of cci mini mags
Yes, your chassis model with an optic and pistol grip will fit 9/2/2020
I would echo the praises of the other reviewers. I would add that the pouch that stores the receiver and stock section will house your chassis model equipped with a sizeable red dot, despite measuring about nine inches from top to bottom against the listed length of eight. My dot is a Sightmark Wolverine CSR, and has a 28mm lens and still has some clearance to spare. With the stock fully collapsed this section fits comfortably. The hangup is the barrel. If you have a foregrip on your barrel, you will need to measure it. If I accurately eyeballed my ruler, the pocket is four inches across. If your grip is more than that from the bottom of the grip to the top of the rail, it will not fit in the barrel pocket but it will still fit in what remains of the receiver pocket. The only potential problem then is the two sections of your pcc have direct contact. Whether or not that is a deal breaker is up to you.
Lewis E
Perfect Home For The PC 9 8/17/2020
The Ruger PC Carbine Takedown Case is so perfectly designed for housing the PC 9 that when I put all the pieces where they belonged, the hand-to-glove fit gave me the unmistakable feeling that there could not possibly be any case out there that would come close to working better. All of the compartments are ample in size, located exactly where they should be, easy to access, and sleek as can be when open or closed. It is masterfully constructed to carry by hand or on your back, and it will serve me well on and off the range. Highly recommended!
Garth Michaels
Awesome Bag 6/26/2020
Fits everything nicely and was a great value when they had it on sale.
- Michael Adams, FL
Ruger PC Carbine Take Down Case 5/18/2020
One of the previous reviewers said, The folks at Ruger put a lot of thought into their new PC Takedown Carbine case. I have to agree with him about everything he said about the case. However, since Ruger chose to include a Glock magazine well -- thank you, Ruger! that is some excellent foresight in providing value to your customers! --, I would have really appreciated it if the new PC Carbine Take Down Case in the outside bottom pocket could accommodate my Glock 17 33-round magazines! When I put them in the magazine slots in the outside bottom pocket, the fit but they stick up outside of the pocket and I cannot zip it shut. This is caused by the magazine slots not being set all the way in the bottom of the pocket. I really wish Ruger had thought it out just a little bit more. The magazines will fit in the pocket loose but I cannot use the magazine slots and zip the pocket shut. Does Ruger make one of these with the magazine slots situated far enough down in the outside bottom pocket that I could use my magazines and zip it shut? Thats my only disappointment with this new bag -- I am still rating it 5 stars because the fit and finish is excellent and the layout is excellent and I really appreciate two back-pack straps.
- William Hill, TX
9 mm carbine case 5/21/2019
Great case, lots of storage pockets, well made, an ideal accessory to the carbine. Fits well.
- Dick, CA
Ruger PCC Taake Down Case 3/12/2019
The folks at Ruger put a lot of thought into their new PC Takedown Carbine case. When mine arrived today I disassembled my PCC and tried out the case for fit and convenience. I gave it 10 for 10 on both. When the case is opened up good zippers all around, the left side is fitted with a large compartment for the action portion of the PCC. My PCC has a red dot that is rather tall and the compartment had plenty of room without a need to force the action portion in. This compartment like all of them was secured with a flap using Velcro. The right side has four compartments: A long one for the forward/barrel section of the PCC A crossways running one suitable for whichever magazine well you aren’t currently using A shorter one that could handle a suppressor but not here in California An in-between compartment that could handle a box of ammo The front has two compartments: A lower one with exterior MOLLE style straps and slots for six magazines inside An upper one that is very spacious and can hold tools, ammo, shooting gloves, etc. The upper one has a Ruger name tag that is Velcroed on and easily removed for a more covert appearance Unlike the 10/22 case, this case has two shoulder straps that allow for either over the shoulder carry or backpack style carry. What would I change? Nothing! This is a great case at a great price and Ruger sent it shipping included.
- Rhino Ray, CA