Ruger SP101®, LCR® & LCRx® Fobus Paddle Holster, RH

Ruger SP101®, LCR® & LCRx® Fobus Paddle Holster, RH
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Fobus holsters feature passive retention with rapid deployment, are combat tested, perform in all situations and are comfortable to wear. Plus, Fobus stands behind every holster with a 100% lifetime warranty for repair or replacement.

Right-handed only. Fits most Ruger SP101®, LCR® and LCRx® models.

Holster does not fit the Ruger SP101® in .357 with the fiber optic sight, the Ruger SP101® with the Crimson Trace® Lasergrips®, LCRx® with 3" barrel, or the LCR® with the Crimson Trace® Lasergrips®. Made by Fobus.

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Not Recommended LCRx 3" 1/15/2023
I purchased this holster for a 3" LCRx .22LR. Reading the reviews here I saw that the sight channel would have to be slightly modified. I had to cut 1/2" off the sight channel, but then the trigger guard didn't fit the holster cut-out. I cut some off where the trigger guard was rubbing, but I could see the shape didn't match the holster and that the holster snap point would never go far enough to snap the gun in. It's a nice holster and it holds my gun pretty secure, but it's not pretty after me hacking it up.
Mike Lasley
Great 8/10/2021
I think the screw on it is for loosening or tightening the fit. Clean, neat, sleek, good retention, nice look, fits my revolver Ruger .22 LCR eight rounder like a glove. Its a clip on, not a belt thru, but with a wide internal paddle which resembles tail of beaver, comfy, sturdy, easy to wipe clean as needed. No complaints.
- B ByTheH2O, IL
excellent holster 5/23/2021
I tend to carry my SP101 snubbie more in the winter owb since it is difficult to conceal in the summer. This is a very comfortable holster. It is well made and secures the revolver excellently
- Sal Monella, VA
Perfect fit 357 mag with standard sights 4/2/2020
I saw two bad reviews that said it didnt fit their gun. Their gun is listed at bottom of page as not fitting this holster. Read folks. I love mine. Good price. The paddle fits comfortably inside the pants and the silicon pad firmly holds the holster in place outside the waistband without pulling down on your belt or pants. I have the Ruger SP 101 in 357 mag with standard sights.
File it down 1/10/2019
The holster will fit a 3 inch 22 file the sight channel down until the gun goes down,,,works fine for me,,,give it try, only took five minutes,,,,,,
- Larry Millican, AK
Design needs improvement 12/6/2017
The pocket in this holster is just fine as is the paddle. Their relationship to each other is awful. The pocket is mounted too low for concealed carry and this is not exactly a field gun, the LCR. I have drilled out the rivets, heated the kydex, bent it 180 degrees and bolted the paddle back on. This raised the pocket about an inch and a half. Now it is concealable and is noticeably more comfortable to wear. Fobus should take notice.
- CK Faught, WY
comfortable rig 11/3/2017
I bought this for my wifes LCRX 3in .22lr. The front sight did not clear to allow this to seat properly. I used a file and sandpaper to ease the front bottom of the holster a little, and this fits great. My wife says it is the most comfortable holster she has ever had. Thanks Ruger!
- Denny P, AZ
very comfortable 10/24/2017
I bought this for LCRX 3 .22 LR It was tight. I used a small file to ease the top front of this holster at the bottom where the front sight was catching, and it fits great. My wife says it is very comfortable. She forgets she is wearing it. Great buy.
- Dennis Palmatier, AZ
Best OWB For SP 101 9/21/2017
This holster is the best one I ever had for a revolver SP 101. The best way to wear it? When carrying OWB the best way is to wear extra size shirt. In my case my size is large, with OWB holster I wear 2X large shirt. This holster stayed in place all day long.
- manuel, FL
Not my SP101 2/10/2016
Doesnt fit my new SP101 in 327 Federal Magnum. Fits the LCR in the same caliber just fine. Bummer.
functional 1/9/2016
I love the way this holster carries and draws, however, the metal strip that backs those three rivets rally chafe if its against your skin. I put some moleskin on mine but still not so good. Youd think Fobus would provide a snap on cover or something.
- Jerry, IL
roto holster 7/26/2015
nice holster, would like a lefty unit , i shoot both hands, however, i like to carry left side. when will you have one ?
Fobus Holster 12/30/2014
Great Holster for the $. Lightweight and sturdy. Fits Great! Save & for Ammo.. Elder Tom
- Elder Tom Whitfield, GA
A review for SP101® & LCR® Fobus Holster 7/5/2014
This is a good quality holster that is worth the money. Both the SP101 and the LCR fit this holster. I have both of these revolvers. I much prefer using it with the LCR because it works for me, much easier all around. The draw is smoother and faster with the LCR from this holster than it is for me with the SP 101. The adjustable screw for tension on the revolver is a good feature and I am satisfied with the holster. It drys out quickly if it gets wet and has good retention in the belt.
- Steve, AL