Security-Series Sight Set, Yellow

Security-Series Sight Set, Yellow
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Molded polymer sight set designed specifically for use with Security-9® and Security-380® pistols. Yellow inserts improve target tracking and sight alignment. Made in the USA.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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Fantastic replacement rear sight 6/24/2023
I love my Security 380. My favorite pistol ever. I've owned revolvers and pistols in .38 spl, .357 mag, 9 mm and .380. As an older guy (72) with some hand arthritis, I've landed on the Security 380 as my EDC. But I wasn't a fan of the rear blacked out sight. I tried various fingernail polish treatments, nothing worked well -- too distracting. But this rear sight replacement with the yellow lines (which are not painted but an actual insert into the plastic rear sight) really stand out, even in low light. The open-top square shape just calls to the bright green light pipe on the front. (I won't replace the stock front sight; love it.) Line up for my fast double taps are easy now.
- Stone, ME
Nice backup sights 12/11/2022
The plastic factory white site are nice I have no problem with them . I did put on the yellow sites they are great no problem being plastic. They are cheap and good. I found my self missing the white ones no fault of the yellow I just like white better but I am glad to have them at first I was numbed they were not 3 dot but now I really like them.
Michael Hatch
Nice sights 9/30/2022
They maybe plastic sight’s but they are perfect for tii go is firearm the yellow stand out the u back sight I did not think I would like ( fan of the 3 dot) but I do not mind them at all. May even miss them if I went to a 3 dot!
The Hatchman
Made The Difference 8/28/2022
Changed the front sight to yellow and left the back sight white. Sight acquisition and alignment is so improved with the contrast, I'm not sure if I will change the rear sight.
What a difference! 10/17/2021
Needed a change for faster sight acquisition. 5 minute install was EZ enough. Well worth $10 for a change up.
- Marty C., WA
Bright yellow. Higher vis than the default white. 9/15/2021
These sights actually pop brighter than the default white that comes with the gun. Simple to install. I actually use the white rear sights with the yellow front sight because I do like the different contrast between front/rear. Simple enough to install but still tight enough to stay in place.
- Derek Davison, WI
Nice upgrade to the standard white sights 2/4/2021
The bright yellow really stands out! It took me less than 5 minutes to install these. Instructions can be found on page 28 of the owners manual. Just be sure to use padded or brass jaws on your vise and a non-marring punch.
- Thomas Toth, OH
Just amazing difference 9/25/2019
I bought the Security 9 back in March of this year 2109. I have over 3,000 rounds through it, and the original site were just terrible getting sited in quickly, I bought the yellow sites a month ago and WOW what a difference. it may just be me be I can see these sites quickly from the draw or change my target. It is well worth it. they show up in low light even better.
- Michael Tippett, AZ
Amazing visible sites 9/5/2019
I have been challenged to see the front sties fast on the stock white site. I switched to these yellow site and wow, they are highly visible, especially in low light areas, such as indoors in your house, or indoor shooting range.
- Michael Tippett, AZ