Stealth Rifle Backpack

Stealth Rifle Backpack
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The Stealth Backpack's inconspicuous sports-pack styling and robust construction makes it a great choice for discreet storage and transportation of a rifle and accessories. The pack is sized to conceal takedown rifles with plenty of room for accessories and gear. The modular, adjustable tie-down system allows the shooter to configure the rifle for quick access or secure storage, while the low profile pistol compartment provides rapid access to a handgun. A large accessory compartment offers attachment options for Velcro and/or MOLLE pouches and has ample room for magazines and accessories. Product features include the following:

Lightweight nylon exterior provides a discreet, sports-pack style, 500 denier nylon inside for maximum durability; Entire main compartment is lined with Velcro loop for complete customization; Adjustable tie-down system and muzzle sleeve to secure weapon; Quick-access handgun compartment; Padded sides and bottom protect firearms; Accessory compartment has both Velcro and PALS webbing adding pouches; Mesh pocket adds visibility for parts, etc.; Front compartment has admin panel for paperwork, ID, keys, etc.; S-shaped backpack straps, sternum strap, and molded carry handle; Heavy-duty #10 covered zippers with quiet easy-pull tabs; Removable waist strap with zippered pockets and quick-release buckle; Vented back panel with lumbar support, Adjustable compression straps; and Bottle pocket on both sides.

Fits the 10/22® Takedown, 22 Charger™ Pistol, SR-556® and PC Carbine™. Available in black only with Ruger-branded zipper pull. Dimensions: 25" x 12" x 9". Weight: 3.5 lbs. Made by Elite Survival Systems.

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Well worth the price 12/29/2022
I have this case from ESS and will definitely say that it is definitely worth every penny spent on it. I have it for a braced AR pistol and it holds 2 uppers and a lower with optics(Red Dots). In the other compartments I have a dozen magazines and various tools for any issues that may arise at the range. As well as several boxes of ammo. In general I am not a big fan of the soft cases in general but I am going to be ordering another one of these in the next week or so. I typically use hard cases such as the Pelican Cases or the old Plano Tactical hard cases. This case is large and will hold everything that you might need at the range. The only issues that I have had with the case is that it should have a couple of extra tie downs for the main rifle compartment. I also wish that there were more color options available. As well as a few different camouflage patterns for hunters. I will also say that it is definitely a stealthy design and at first look it looks like the typical backpacking pack so much that I had gotten pulled over once on my way to the range and the cop never noticed that it was a gun case. Till he asked if I had any weapons in the vehicle and I had to disclose that I had a concealed carry permit and a pistol on my waistband. As well as a rifle cased up in the back of my suv. The cop gave me a warning on the ticket and was very intrigued by the case and how much it held while still being comfortable to walk around the range and parking lot. The cop ended up wanting to know who makes it and where he could get one for his own rifles and trips to the range. I would definitely recommend this case and most of the ESS products and cases since they are extremely well made, extremely comfortable, and excellent customer service and that's very rare to find these days. I would also say that out of all the backpacking style gun cases on the market these days that this is definitely one of the best if not the best one on the market. It is also very well padded to protect your rifle or braced pistols. It looks great and is very comfortable as well. I have found that most of the backpack gun cases are typically not very comfortable and something is typically poking you in the back but not with the ESS packs with all of the padding and the designs used for the packs. I would definitely love to see some solid color options available as well but thats just me. If you are on the fence about this pack or concerned about the price? I would definitely say to just order it and try it out for a day or two. But if you are not feeling it, you can certainly return it and get your cash back. But I definitely love mine and I will definitely be ordering a second one this next week and will probably end up getting a third one as well. I have had mine now for about two or three years and it gets heavy use but it looks like it is still new. As a gunsmith and shop owner for over a decade I have definitely have seen my fair share of junk on the market. But this is definitely far from being junk. It is really durable and looks great and does not scream gun case like most soft cases do. It is definitely very well made and can easily hold its own with brands like Voodoo Tactical, and others. They also have excellent quality control and certainly do not have loose threads etc like most of the competition typically has. But I definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a case like this.
- AW, FL