TK™ Custom Competition Moon Clips - Super GP100®, 9mm - 5-Pack

TK™ Custom Competition Moon Clips - Super GP100®, 9mm - 5-Pack
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These .035 thick stainless- steel TK™ Custom Moon Clips are faster to use than a speedloader and allow quick and reliable ejection of the fired rounds with a quick reload of all chambers at once. They make it much easier to load a revolver cylinder with all cartridges at one time. They also prevent fumbling and dropping rounds while loading the cylinder with individual rounds and eliminate the need to pick-up a speedloader from the ground after loading the revolver cylinder. The twelve-step manufacturing & inspection process insures the very highest quality moon clips. They are made from rigid steel on state-of-the-art machinery to exacting tolerances of .00001 thousandths of an inch for consistent fit and function and are guaranteed for a lifetime by the manufacturer. Fits the Ruger Super GP100 chambered in 9mm only. These moon clips fit most 9mm brass and require a mandrel size of .595 (#18748 - sold separately) when installing with the Ruger Moon Clip Loading Tool (#18751 - sold separately). Made in the USA by TK Custom.