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BX-25® Magazine
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This genuine Ruger® factory magazine with Ruger logo has been tested and has proven to feed as reliably as the standard BX-1 10-round Ruger® rotary magazine. BX-25® magazines will work with any factory original 10/22® Rifle, SR-22® Rifle, 22 Charger™ Pistol, .22 LR Ruger American Rimfire® Rifle and .22 LR Ruger 77/22® Rifle.

25-round magazines are not available in all states and locales. Ruger cannot bill to or ship 25-round magazines to the following states and cities: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington State, Washington DC. DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT if you live in these locations.
Genuine Ruger® Factory Accessory.

WARNING: Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms, or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to the State of California to cause birth defects, reproductive harm, and other serious physical injury. Have adequate ventilation at all times. Wash hands thoroughly after exposure.

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Bad quality control! 4/4/2024
I have many Ruger BX-25's that work fine. I recently purchased three and all of them have a huge gap along the spine where the two halves of plastic mate. Both of the crews are tight at the top and bottom. One of the three mags that has a large gap doesn't feed at all. I'm getting like 3-4 stoppages per mag. Ruger customer service wants me to ship it to them and isn't prepaying for shipping. I've heard nothing but good things about Ruger customer service but this is disappointing.
Feeding problem 3/13/2024
Too much slack in the follower and magazine orientation once inserted inside the magwell results in improper cartridge alignment with the bore when fired leading to failure to feed, eject, etc. New BX-25's purchased March 2024.
Bad feeder 9/6/2023
Works fine if you take the time to “fit” mag to gun and shim the traveler spring. Seems to me for the money it’s just expensive parts to assemble yourself.
- Richard R, NM
2 types of mags 4/20/2023
2 types of bx-25. Great, and Junk. Hold your mags with the nose pointing right and look at the primer end. Transition from vertical to horizontal cut should be sharp and cartridge should be fully rearward. Next look at feed lip. Good mags have little to no metal protruding higher than the plastic “ swoosh” and you be able to see most of the bullet nose. Liking buying watermelons. Borderline mags sometime machine themselves into good mags, so keep plinking.
- David Black, AL
BX25 feeding issue 2/19/2023
I bought 3 of them and they don’t feed reliably. The top ammo tends to get stuck inside so I have to constantly disassemble the magazine to free it. Very disappointed. There’s a video on YouTube that shows you to purchase a kit to fix that problem but I have not tried it.
Feed issue 12/6/2022
With more than 10 rounds inserted, it fails to point the nose up sufficiently to feed. (10-22 rifle).
- Mark Johnson, WI
BX 25 sucks 11/6/2022
BX 25 bought 4 . 3 of them have feeding problems. Maybe you should put some quality control back into your product.
- James Traver, TX
Failure to feed 6/25/2022
With my 10-22, it fails to feed frequently, especially when full or even with 20 rounds. Stock 10-round mag is perfect.
- Mark, WI
Good mags 6/19/2020
I have about 10 of the bx25 mag and they all have been ran on my sons ruger precision .22.LR. I have had very few issues with any of the mags feeding its the extraction that were haveing an issue with or the mag being tilted just enough that the round wants to hit the chamber as its feeding and causes haveing to remove the mag and clear the rifle and reload. Now I have had these issues over the course of aprox 10,000 rounds of multiple different ammo fired through them. Overall I have to say that they work well for target shooting, and just plinking.
- Kendall Vaughn, IN
Works Great 7/26/2018
July 2018, theyre all working good.
Absolutey love them! 7/10/2018
I have 2 of the BX-25 and 2 of the BX-15 and use them with the precision rimfire. Both work great with the 3 different brands of ammo I use. For you folks that are having issues with yours and throwing them in the trash, etc., PLEASE get in touch with me,,,Ill take them off your hands.
- Philip Ashley, KY
The BEST made 25 round 10/22 magazine made. 12/23/2017
I recently bought 6 BX-25 magazines during the Black Friday sale from MidWay. These are the best 25 round magaxines for the Ruger 10/22 you can buy! Anyone having problems with these magazines are certainly NOT part of the vast majority of satisfied customers.
- John C. Hankins, MO
Flawless for years 4/1/2017
I purchased one of these for my 10-22 several years ago...have never had a misfeed or failure. great product
- Bob Snarski, VT
excellent quality 2/23/2017
I just got my first 10/22 and the first thing I did was buy a BX-25 from my local retailer. Literally opened the gun out of the box, loaded the magazine, and it worked like a dream! Zero problems with multiple ammos. Definitely want another.
- Derek Butler, IL
Only high cap mags to get for your 10/22 5/8/2016
Im picking up my 11th 10/22 today and have about 2 dozen BX25 magazines. They are the only mags I would trust for reliabilty. Easy dissassembly for cleaning. Enough capacity to keep reactive targets dancing. There are drum mags out there but you cant beat oem Ruger mags.
Jeff Waterman
Nice mags. 3/26/2016
I have 3 of these total and have not yet had a problem with any of them. Ive used various ammo so far, mostly Federal and has worked great. I also had a couple BX-25X2s which worked flawlessly as well but they wouldnt fit in my takedown bag so I got rid of them. Have 3 of these in the bottom exterior takedown bag zipper pouch, two the same way in each of the sleeves and 1 reversed between the two. Fits great works great. Buy it.
- Jamie Ferguson, KS
Ruger BX-25 the versatile high capacity magazine 1/10/2016
The Ruger BX-25 Magazine is the something most shooters don’t need but have to have. They are one tough magazine and so well made they put any other to shame. They are the only high capacity magazine that you can buy and use in bolt actions, lever actions, and automatic rifles and pistols named Ruger. They worked flawless in my 10/22 custom rifle, 10/22 carbine, and Ruger 77/22. Shooting standing, you will be tired before you run empty shooting a bolt action. It’s not how many rounds your magazine holds, it’s how many times you hit what you’re aiming at, that’s important.
Solid Magazines 9/2/2015
Based on the reviews I guess its a hit or miss scenario, but I have 2 of them and they function flawlessly. I keep mine loaded all the time and I have yet to have a misfire, misfeed, jam, anything in over a year. I guess I lucked out. My buddy had it worse though. He bought the after market 25 round mags with the plastic lips on them. when they chip or crack they are useless. I stay with these because the lips on these are metal. Sorry to hear about the others with their bad luck.
- Harold Cater, SC
Nice 3/6/2015
Karen J is 100% correct. I keep my bx25 mag loaded at all times and it still operates flawlessly after two years of solid use. Not a single issue when you keep the firearm and magazine clean. These mags are great.
- Avrey, PA
Preformance, Plus ultra reliability... 10/6/2014
Have used many off-branded Magazines, Since 80s. These are Excellent, Period. Jeremy, 1rst review, is mis-guided, or ignorant. Jeromy, consult a Metallurgist, qaulity magazines, do not experience fatigued, Comprimised Springs during a static load. To pound a product w/out achedemics, knowledge, is reckless on yourself son???.
- Karen J., WA
dont leave them loaded 8/25/2014
left my Ruger bx-25 mags loaded for about a week and now the spring is stretched out and is very unreliable now. Wish I could find the springs for replacement seeing how you can take them apart. Would be an easy cheap fix.
- Jeromy Cole, MI
Value 8/6/2014
I love this magazine. I have limited experience with it, but it only jammed because of a weak and cheap cartriges. I like the concept and functionality of high capacity factory magazines. They make target practice and plinking funner and easier than reloading BX-1s. Overall great value product that every 10/22 shooter should have at least 1 to 2 of these.
Jude Guillmette
Quality Product 6/19/2014
These magazines have functioned flawlessly for me. They give you an optional alternative handhold, too. Highly recommended.
- James, VA
Great magazine - Prefer BX-25 x2 Magazine 6/10/2014
Great magazine, good price . . . but where is the BX-25 x2 magazine, which is even better? My local gun shop has it, and for those who arent familiar it is 2 coupled 25-round BX-25 magazines, and comes with a dust cover. Awesome product.
- SilverLady, VA
Great Mag! 5/14/2014
I honestly cant say anything negative about the BX-25 Magazine. It does its job and its done well. Havent had a single problem and I now own three of these!
Nero Strife

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