300 AAC Blackout 30-Round Magazine

300 AAC Blackout 30-Round Magazine
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Black steel, 30-round magazine for the Ruger® AR-556® rifle and pistol and the SR-556 Takedown® rifle chambered in 300 AAC Blackout. '300 AAC Blackout' is lasered on the side of the magazine.

30-round magazines are not available in all states and locales. Ruger cannot bill to or ship 30-round magazines to the following states and cities: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii; Aurora, Cook County, Highland Park, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington State, Washington DC. DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT if you live in these locations.
Genuine Ruger® Factory Accessory.

WARNING: Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms, or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to the State of California to cause birth defects, reproductive harm, and other serious physical injury. Have adequate ventilation at all times. Wash hands thoroughly after exposure.

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Gives rifle unique look but not as functional as PMAG 12/25/2021
I recently purchased a Ruger AR-556 FFH .300 Blackout, one of these magazines is included with it. I like the look and design of the magazine, having the cartridge type clearly displayed is neat. The magazine feeds well when firing but loading it and manually unloading it can be a bit problematic. The metal lips of the magazine are hard on case brass, they scrape and gouge the cases, and the rims tend to get stuck on the lip, plus they are sharp and can cut your thumb. The plastic Magpul magazines do not have any of these issues and are much easier to load and unload, plus they do not rust and corrode the way this one can if not kept oiled. I recommend using this magazine for holding target shooting ammo but I would not recommend it for keeping premium defense ammo loaded and ready, especially if you like to swap out magazines periodically to preserve spring retention because if the gouges get deep enough they can compromise case integrity.
- Cliff Myers, OR