AR Black Grip

AR Black Grip
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AR Rifle grip with sling mount swivel which allows the attachment of standard push-button sling swivels. The sling mount is positioned at the upper part of the back strap above the hand, incorporating a low profile design that stays out of the way. Fits the Ruger® 22 Charger™ and any AR style firearm. Made by Stark™ Grips.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to state and local restrictions, we are unable to accept orders for this accessory from the state of Connecticut, Illinois, and Washington.

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Doesn't fit pc charger 1/8/2024
Bought for my pc charger. OEM bolt is too long, and included bolt is even longer.
Nice grip...does not fit the Charger 22 6/10/2021
Nice grip, arrived timely. The bolt included is a full inch short of attaching the grip to the pistol. Useless as a screen door on a submarine.
- William Holodnik, PA
Stark AR Grip w/ QD Sling Mount - # 1 upgrade 6/14/2018
While shooting the Ruger Charger is fun it does lack in the sling mounting options and locations. After doing research of options, I stumbled across the Stark AR grip with a QD sling mount. The lower angle of the grip makes the pistol easier to grip and hold. The Sling mount allows for easy attachment for 1 or 2 Point slings, while not interfering with your hand. The grip installed in minutes, and fits perfectly under the stock. If you plan to use this grip with the Copper Custom Pistol Brace mount. You will have to do very minor sanding or filing of the beaver tail to allow for a sure fit of the grip and pistol brace mount, where the 2 meet. +2 minutes work! This grip will be one of the best upgrade, investments you will make to your Charger Pistol. I highly recommend it!
- Chris Sewell, GA
One Super Grip 2/1/2018
An outstanding addition on the Charger. This STARK brand grip should be the OEM grip instead of the A2 it comes with. Best for a large and/or long finger hand. It has a shallower angle than the A2 that suits this pistol better. It has a nice rubber bottom cover allowing you to store stuff in the grip or add ballast and acts as a great rest when the bipod is used. Cannot say enough good about this grip. STARK also makes variations of this particular model. A must-have and it looks great, too.
- Dale F451, AZ
ar grip for charger 4/13/2016
After fidgeting for 10minutes I came to realize how to assemble this grip by removing the base plate form the stock grip to the new Stark grip. nice grip and easy to install.
- Sam dehoyos, TX