Double Action Revolver Steel Rear Sight Blade

Double Action Revolver Steel Rear Sight Blade
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E05904-Rear steel sight blade with low-white outline. Will fit Ruger® GP100®, Redhawk® and Super Redhawk® revolvers.
Genuine Ruger® Factory Accessory

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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Rear sight spring 6/16/2023
I broke the sight blade on my Blackhawk. Ruger wouldn't, let me pay for a new one. When I went to install the new one I found the spring missing. The spring from a tire valve core can be used if cut a little shorter. Now my Redhawk has a broken blade. I will be getting an aftermarket rear sight. Bad Ruger.
- E. Deininger, WY
Rear sight blade caught on holster and broke. 1/15/2023
I changed from a leather holster where the rear sight blade did not go into the holster to a nylon holster that covered the rear sight. First time I pulled the pistol from the holster, the rear sight blade snagged and broke.
- Algin Bishop, MS
Breaks 4/16/2022
I'm on my second rear sight. Last one broke the first time I took it out to shoot.
- Brian Dolan, NY
break way too easy 4/3/2022
I have 4 of these that are broken. I bought a used gun that was missing half of its rear sight. I bought a replacement and it broke in the first attempt to put it in. I bought several more and broke two more getting one in. I was following advise from the whole time.
- Steve, WI
Rather poor design 10/8/2020
Im ordering two replacements - hopefully they wont break in half the first time out of the box.
This adjustable rear sight is badly designed 1/22/2017
The rear right sight blade is thin and easy to break. Once it happened, the pawl plunger spring may also get missing, and you cannot find this spring in Ruger online store.
Broke with first adjustment 9/17/2016
Ruger needs to R and D this one. When you spend $1000 on a revolver you shouldnt have problems with the sight during the first adjustment. That said they sent a replacement sight right out.
- Jerald Barris, PA
brittle, thin metal broke the first 5 minutes out of the box. 6/6/2016
May be better if it was made of some type of a hard plastic. The factory part is so thin and brittle that on my first adjustment it snapped in half. Luckily Ruger CS is sending a replacement no questions asked. Either way, you are probably better off getting the Williams set to replace the whole sight system...
- Saeed, KY