EC9s®, LC9s® and LC380® LaserMax Laser

EC9s®, LC9s® and LC380® LaserMax Laser
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CF-LC9 LaserMax Centerfire trigger-guard-mounted laser with ambidextrous on/off switch. The red diode laser can be adjusted for windage and elevation with an Allen wrench (included) and can be removed with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Laser fits the EC9s®, LC9s®,LC9® and LC380®. Ruger cannot bill to or ship to Chicago, Cicero, Thornton, IL. DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT if you live in these locations.

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Cheap build and no support from Lasermax 6/20/2023
I bought this from this site on May 11, 2022. I ran between 150 and 200 rounds through my EC9s. It started acting up around 125 rounds so I tried it again the next time I was going shooting. I went through a couple of magazines and it stopped working completely. I tried a new battery and it still did not work. I contacted Lasermax and offered to return it to them so they could figure out if this was an ongoing issues. Crickets...nothing but crickets. I guess I did not register this when I bought it so did not ask them to honor the 5 year warranty just to check and see if they could improve the design. I even offered to pay postage. Nothing from them. I took it apart and found the ground wire had broken off at the laser. I don't have the tools to fix it so I am going to throw it away. I just want people to know that these are not designed well and then would not accept help from a consumer even without cost to them. I will never buy lasermax again. I will add that the frame fit the EC9s great and this could have been a great laser and would have gotten me to upgrade when I was ready. Too many others out there to waste time on a company that doesn't care about quality or customers.
- Robert Wolters, MO
Nice, if you don't mind getting shot when it stops working 5/12/2023
My LaserMax sight on my EC9s randomly stops working. I sent it back to the manufacturer, they "tested" it, and sent it back. Today at the range, half way through a box of ammo, the LaserMax decided it had had enough and took the rest of the day off. The only way to get it working again is to remove and replace the battery. Yes, that's a good idea in a defensive shooting situation. I am disappointed in the sight, far more disappointed in the "we couldn't care less" attitude from the manufactured. I'll stick with the very un-sexy but reliable iron sights on my EC9s, thank you very much.
- Scott Dawley, WI
LC9 9/7/2018
Laser works very well and is proportioned nicely however the ‘on/off’ buttoned is easily turned to the ‘on’ position. When in an ‘inside the pocket holster’ or other soft sided holster or if carried loosely in a pocket the ‘ on ‘ button can easily be pushed to the ‘on’ position and allow battery to run down. A rubber button cover could cheaply remedy this!
- Timothy Wilson, FL
Quality and easy installation 12/20/2017
High quality laser dot sight, easy install, no modification to the handgun, and high quality leather holsters are available from other manufactures that fit this combo like a glove. Very pleased with installation on two LC9S guns.