Express AR Rifle Black Grip

Express AR Rifle Black Grip
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The Express rifle grip allows the forearm and hand to remain in a more natural position whether held extended and on-target or at a low ready position. This feature provides ease of movement, comfort and quicker action than any other grip. Fits any AR style rifle. Made by Starkô Grips.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to state and local restrictions, we are unable to accept orders for this accessory from the state of Connecticut, Illinois, and Washington.

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Well built and American made 7/5/2022
Very good quality item and mounts solid to the picatinny rail. Helps me grip the firearm in a comfortable position and gives me a steady shot.
Express AR Rifle Black Grip 8/28/2020
Creates a more natural hand position to hold the rifle. Easy to install. HOWEVER, if installing on a Ruger AR556, YOU WILL NEED THE TRI-RAIL, Part #18362, which it doesnt state that in the product description. The grip will fit fine on any AR style rifle if it has a picatinny rail on the underside.
- Virge, IA
This is my favorite forearm grip 9/17/2019
Excellent regardless of how you grip the forearm of your rifle.
- Richard, OH
You need the Tri-Rail for this grip on AR 556 11/13/2018
This rifle black grip is a nice added feature for the AR 556 that I purchased. But what this website doesnt tell you is that you will need the Tri-Grip part #18362 in order to mount it to the AR 556.
Excellent little addition to my rail, I have big hands; and this keeps them out of the way. Also very sturdy, bonus is the storage compartment. Five stars because it works for me.
- Danny, TX
Looks and Feels Great 7/11/2017
I recently purchased this grip along with the drop-in quad rail system to put on my AR-556. It fits perfectly on the rail and gives it a good look, as well as a great feel when shooting if you like angled grips. It has a rubber bottom that you can remove, Im assuming thats to hold a battery for any other accessories you want to put on the rifle. The rubber inserts give good grip on the rails and makes it feel more like youre gripping the stock hand guards. I would certainly recommend this!
The best angle grip ever!!! 7/31/2016
the feels of this grip is what magpul was aiming for and missed the mark by a long shot. I got 6 of the magpul grips that is going up for sale just as soon take them off. need I say more, Im very pleased with this grip..
- Bone Head, MS
Awesome 7/29/2016
The perfect grip for my ar 556 east to install. Very pleased