Fobus Small IWB Holster, RH

Fobus Small IWB Holster, RH
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Fits the following models: Ruger® LCP® II, SR22®, EC9s®, LC9s®, LC380®, SR9c®, SR1911®, SR40c®, and Security-9® (Standard, Pro & Compact). The holster is designed to keep a low profile, simulating the natural way to carry a weapon inside the waist band without any holster at all. The holster is built from a flexible back that buffers between pistol & body, a non-collapsing shell that covers the pistol, and two belt clips to position the holster at waistband height. The holster is lightweight, completely washable, ventilated, durable and comfortable, and most important, it is a universal IWB holster, designed to accommodate multiple same-sized pistols, and therefore requires no shell replacements when changing between pistols of the same size. Made by Fobus.

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MAX-9 Poor Fit 3/24/2022
I purchased this holster for the MAX-9 but it is really a NO FIT and it will not fit my SR9 with a chambered round. It hangs on the indicator. Surprisingly, it is an exact match for the SR1911 and for that, I would give it 4 Stars.
Great Holster 9/9/2017
I purchased this holster for my LC9s and so far it has been perfect for me. The holster rides in the belt line where it should and is fairly easy to draw and reholster. I also own an SR22 and it fits as advertised as well.
- James Johnson, GA