GP100® Lite Wave Front Sight Set

GP100® Lite Wave Front Sight Set
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HiViz® sight for Ruger® GP100® revolvers with adjustable rear sight. This sight set has Light Wave technology which allows superior light gathering capability in all conditions. Sight set includes carry case and comes with three interchangeable LitePipes® (1 red, 1 white, 1 green). Professional installation recommended.
Does not fit GP100® Match Champion® or GP100® Standard models 1715, 1757, 1761, 1752, 1753 & 1766. Made by HiViz® Shooting Systems.

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Very nice outside. 6/17/2023
The stock front sight on my stainless 4.2 GP 100 blended in with many backgrounds making it undependable for many situations. On my 1989 6" blued GP 100 I painted the dark front sight with some traffic cone orange neon nail polish I bought at my local food store. It works great but for this gun I thought I'd try these sights. I used a correct size Allen wrench to push in the spring loaded button and removed the factory sight. I used the green dot version since it was already in the Hi Vis and put it in. It took some pushing on the pin to open up enough to push it in the slot. ( I'm getting old) . It took about a minute or two. It works great outside, very bright and easy to align with the rear sight. Indoors it isn't anything special as it doesn't produce its own light, thus the 4 star rating. I think the white insert is more effective indoors. No problem getting it in and out of the Triple K holster. It should make shooting at the range very enjoyable.
Great improvement! 3/24/2022
I installed the green fiber optic sight on my 4" GP100. It's a great improvement over the standard black sight, and really picks up the light at the shooting range. I couldn't be happier with it, and recommend it to all GP100 shooters.
- Mike Elliott, CA
Best sights for GP100 12/30/2018
Replaced my plain black front sight with this hi viz sight and replaced the green pipe with the red one and my shooting improved majorly!! Also was easy to install on my 357 magnum with 6 barrel. Well worth the money and time to put them on. Would buy again. Thanks Ruger!!
- Garrett Snow, WV
Love the sight, have it on my SP101 12/9/2018
I have a GP100 6 with the standard black front sight blade, pretty hard to see with my aging eyes, but when shooting my SP101 that has this sight, was great at getting on target.
- Jon Erdmann, MT
More visible sight for GP100 12/8/2018
Purchased this sight for my Gp100 because the original black sight was hard to see against any target. Very easy to install and took maybe 30 seconds and dressed up my 357 nicely. Now I can see my sights and make more accurate shots. Excellent quality product from Ruger.
- Coffeeman, WV
High quality front sight! 11/9/2017
I bought this sight for my 5 bbl GP100 and they are excellent. Very easy to install and gives you the choice of red, green, and white light tubes along with a carrier/tool for the light tubes. Great improvement for an already great revolver!
- Bill, IA
Regret buying this 8/27/2017
Not as visual as i was hopeing for. Harder to see in darker areas than the standard front sight. Design hangs up in holster and looks cheesy once installed. Improvements would be to make the sight pin slightly larger and mold the shape to mirror original front sight.
- Christian McKee, TX
Easy Install. Great Front Sight. 7/20/2017
I used a pin-punch to push the spring-loaded button to remove the original sight and put this one in. It took about a minute. Perfect fit! Awesome upgrade for my 20+ year old KGP-141. I wish I had done this years ago!
Fiber Optic Replacement For GP-100 3/31/2015
I installed this front sight to replace the nearly invisible factory blade and it transformed the gun. The red dot glows in any reasonable lighting conditions and is easy to see against nearly any background. Installation is trivially easy requiring no special tools. Ruger is to be congratulated for making front sight replacement so simple.
- Dave B, PA
GP100 hi Viz 9/27/2014
Black front sight and black rear sight against a black target is a recipe for not hitting what you are aiming at. Just installed this on my 4.2 GP100. Night and day difference in seeing what I am aiming at. The red sight now shows exactly where I am aiming. I cant believe the GP100 did not come with these sights. If you have a GP100, you NEED the Hi Viz sights!!
Joe Gilbert