GP100® Match Champion® Hogue® Grip

GP100® Match Champion® Hogue® Grip
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This hardwood grip fits the Ruger® GP100®. Features include a smooth front without finger grooves and a smooth back without finger grooves. Mounting screw included. Made by Hogue®.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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Nearly Perfect – Required Fitting 10/9/2023
This grip required fitting to properly slide onto my GP100's frame extension. I was not about to pound the grip on and make it impossible to remove for future cleaning. If you want the grip to easily slide onto your frame extension, just file down a little wood on the inside of the rear of the grip (this spot is fairly obvious). If you want to eliminate the gap at the rear of your frame, you will need to file a rounded contour onto the top/inside/rear of the grip. Then you'll have to slide the grip onto your GP100, wiggle it forward and rearward, remove the grip and look for rub marks. Carefully file down the wood at the rub marks and check the fit again. Repeat until the fit is correct. It took me about an hour to get this grip properly fitted. It now easily slides onto the frame extension and I completely eliminated the gap at the rear of the frame. My grip does not fit perfectly flush around the trigger guard, but it's pretty close (within about 1/32"). After securing the grip with the included screw, there is no play whatsoever. This is THE MOST COMFORTABLE grip I've tried on my GP100 yet; better than Hogue rubber, nylon, wood or G10, or the Ruger rubber w/wood insert grips. This grip allows you to grip the GP100 higher than any of the others; it results in a quick natural aim; the finish and texture are beautiful. I'd give it 5 stars, but both the internal and external dimensions should have been perfected at the factory. Buy it if you're willing to fit it to your GP100 – you won't be disappointed!
- Matt, MI
Love it! 5/20/2021
Looks great and fits my hand like a glove!
Beautiful grip, did not fit very well. Could hardly get it to seat. 8/29/2020
Beautiful grip but I could not get it to seat on my GP 100 44 Special. It stopped about 1/4 inch short of full contact with the frame. I called Ruger and was told that is how they fit, I sent pictures and was told to keep trying. It was so tight I hurt my hand, this cant be right. Eventually after a half hour by working it on and off it fit. I was sure it was going to split, Ruger said they would send out a new one if it did split. After 40 years of installing grips on guns this was the worst. Great looking, a pain to install, at least on this grip.
Great Grip! 2/11/2019
This is a great grip! I absolutely love the quality of it and it seems to fit my hand much better than the stock Hogue rubber grip.
- Rhett Thomas, FL
Good Feel and Fit 10/5/2018
I bought these because they did NOT have the finger grooves Hoque is so fond of on their other grips. Ive spent way too much time Dremeling and sanding off the finger grooves of other Hogue grips and these didnt need any work to fit my hand well. Their fit to the frame is generally good and mine have the gap behind the hammer mentioned by other reviewers. I guess they all fit like that is correct.
- Dave, PA
Excellent fit and feel ! 12/5/2017
I liked these on my new Match Champ, so I installed them on my 6 GP as well. The fit & feel is as near perfect as can be. The grip angle and the texture actually make the GP100 easier to shoot well ! No regrets here !!! Excellent job Ruger !!
- Jim, PA
Outstanding! 9/19/2017
Purchased these on sale to add some soul to my .44 Special GP100 3-inch. They feel just as good as the factory Hogue rubber handles and position my trigger finger just as well. They went right on with a perfect fit in under a minutes work with a screwdriver. They look handsome and perform well too. Excellent!
- Steve Tracy, IL
Finally, a perfect GP100 grip! 12/30/2016
Ruger should put these grips on all GP100 models & charge an extra $50. They finally got the shape correct & the stippling is brilliant for easy position acquisition. Hogue could make a fortune if they offered this exact design in different species. I love these grips!
- Chris, MD
fit 7/5/2016
The orig. grip that came with the gun does not fit well between the frame and the grip in behind the hammer area. A 1/8 to 3/16 inch gap and Ruger said they all fit that way! Looked at the Pic online and it looks good. So they all do not fit that way.
- Gary Morrison, WV
Feel great, look great! 9/26/2015
I put these grips on my GP100, they feel and look great. Easy change between the original rubber and these wood grips.
- Glenn, CA
Fits my hand like a glove 9/12/2015
I picked up the Match Champion at the gun store and immediately thought: wow, I wish I could buy these same grips for my GP-100. I was very happy to see that I could. Of course, unlike probably everyone else, the installation took me a hour vice 5 minutes like it should of. I have one of the first GP-100s made and unlike all the You Tube videos I watched, had a very hard time getting the aluminum dowel out, that is used to hold the old grips firmly to the frame. Once I got the dowel out, the new grips were a very tight fit. But I finally got them installed and cannot be more pleased. It was worth all the effort and gives my old gun a great new feel.
- Vince, MD
Fits the hand 8/28/2014
I carry my GP100 as a CCW. It is a big weapon, and the supplied Hogue rubber grips are outstanding for taming even the harshest loads. However, those same grips are a detriment when it comes to concealment. The rubbery surface tends to grab your shirt and make it ride up. I decided to give the match champion grips a try. I am glad that I did! The stippling of the surface give the hand greater purchase when your hands are sweaty. Now, my shirt no longer rides up when I move. It fits my hand just right. Good Job
- Nathan, TX
Great grip -- and easy to custom fit 7/29/2014
As shipped the grip is quite large, but the finish is rubbed oil, so you can take off a lot of wood at the top and under the trigger guard, then fine sand, steel wool, and rub with a single drop of polyurethane -- and theyre perfect for a shooter with smaller hands. They really make my 3 inch GP100 pretty.
- Ron, MO
NON STICKIE ! 5/25/2014
Not impressed with fit 5/17/2014
Purchased these because I liked them on the Match Champion. Upon installation I found the grips did not smoothly transition at the trigger guard or on top at the frame. Checking the grips on the Match Champion I found the fit to be about the same. I may make some small adjustments to improve the fit.
- Grumpy, WY