GP100 Speed Loader

GP100 Speed Loader
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With one slight twist, this speed loader loads all six cartridges into the cylinder at once. Fits .38 Spl / .357 Mag. calibers. Made in the USA by HKS Products.

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Best speedloader out there!!!! 1/17/2024
Being the proud owner of a Ruger GP100 going on for almost 2-years now, these speedloaders are ideal for those days out at the range, home defense, or hunting medium-sized game. I highly recommend these for those looking forward to own a GP100 for themselves!!!!!
- Christian Munoz, PA
HKS Speedloader for GP100 7/8/2023
These are the best speedloaders out there. I remember the days of carrying a revolver for duty and having the spare rounds either loose in a pouch or on a belt with loops securing them and having to remove each round individually and load them into the cylinder. Boy talk about time consuming and stressful, very easy to drop rounds. But with these, you have 6 rounds ready to load in seconds. Practice with them and they won't disappoint you.
- Mike M., TX
HKS Still the best 8/3/2016
Ive been using HKS speed loaders since I was a patrolman over twenty years ago. They are simple durable and do the job they are made for. They were the first and are still the best. Got four of these for my new GP100 and they work great.
- Gary Pelletier, MA
Fair Quality 2/19/2016
I own a couple of these. For the price they hold up fairly well. They are a good choice for a person on a budget.
- M H, TN
Using these for years with excellent results 11/19/2014
HKS speedloaders are made in the USA and are a quality product. I must have 20 of them in different calibers. They are always a good gun show find, used for $2 - $4, because they are made well. I have never had one fail.
John S
Good for the price 11/4/2014
These speed loaders work well for the price. They will do for those on a budget that may not be able to go for the higher end product. After all they are plastic, but, do stand up well to use non the less.
Work well 9/13/2014
Ive gotten a few of these and still have all of them, some Ive had and been using for a few years and have worked and lasted a lot longer than I expected a cheap plastic $10 loader to.
- Cody, CA
the are ok 5/25/2014
this speed loader is ok but the are made pretty cheap. go the extra mile and buy some good ones. you get what you pay for.
- roger, TN