GP100 Triple K Belt Holster, RH, 4.2" Barrel

GP100 Triple K Belt Holster, RH, 4.2
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Leather holster with tan finish for the GP100 with a 4.2" barrel. Right-Handed. Made in the USA by Triple K. This leather holster is a natural leather product. There will be variances in the color of the holster ranging from tan to a darker brown.

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GP100 4.2 inch barrell Holster 10/26/2023
While the revolver snuggle fits in holster, you can't attached the top latch. Otherwise, looks nice.
- Ken Caryer, FL
Patience pays off 7/18/2023
Read all the mixed reviews and and how-to notes. I left the holster on a patio table for 25min in the blistering July heat to mimic the hairdryer portion. Pull/stretch the hammer strap some while warm and using more tension it will snap into place. Left in holster for 24 hours and now snug as a glove. For some the whole process may seem less than ideal, but was somewhat satisfying to hear it snap into place considering all the mixed reviews. Yes, the process works and holster/GP100 setup is sharp with the light tan leather. Overall I like this holster and the extra effort required was manageable.
It really does fit! 6/17/2023
After reading the mixed reviews I took a chance and ordered one for my stainless 4.2 Gp 100. It's true it doesn't appear to fit at first. However using the blow drier method about 3 times and manually stretching the hammer strap, then wrapping the pistol on a quart sized zip lock baggy, I shoved it down about 5 times, massaging the leather around the outline of the barrel and cylinder, moving the pistol left and right as much as it would go (which wasn't much at all, finding the ideal strap position over the hammer and the right angle to match the snap, it finally fit. This took less than half hour. I took the pistol in and out a few times, snapping it shut each time, and finally left it alone for about 12 hours. This morning I took it out of the baggy and it fits perfectly. I replaced the bullets. I'm 73 years old so even you can do it!
GP100 2/24/2023
I got my holster for my new gun today. I really like the quality but it took 5 hours before I could get the strap snapped. I hope I never need another one. My fingers hurt so bad. I followed the instructions that came with it and all the advice in the reviews and then I got creative. Thats what finally worked. Overall I like it.
- Sandy, OH
Stretch it 2/3/2023
My holster is tight. After warming it a bit I was able to get it to fit and snap shut. A little time and patience along with some turning and twisting of my gun it now fits perfectly. Very nice workmanship . Happy I purchased it.
- Randy, WI
quality holster 6/12/2020
this is a quality holster, and the gp 100 4.2 will fit and snap. follow the directions. use a hair dryer for 5-10 minutes, it will stretch out and snap.
Great Fit 11/3/2018
Amazing fit right out of the box... Fits my 4.25 perfectly only wish it came in black but hey cant complain for the price.... Got it on sale with free shipping...
Ruger Triple K Holster for GP100,RH, 4.2 inch Barrel 3/30/2018
Ordered and received in a timely manner this holster and it did fit my stainless 4.2 GP100 extremely well. Worked the thumb strap over the hammer to where I felt it was best suited and left the unloaded gun with the strap snapped overnight. Did not subject it to any source of heat. The holster and strap formed to the gun very well. You want the strap to be snug. It says in the description that the color may vary and I received a tan one that is identical to the picture of the holster for the GP100 with the 6 inch barrel. The leather is not that thin nor is it flimsy. Its a nice holster for your gun. Add it to your collection of styles.
- Mark, TX
Great Holster 3/18/2018
Bought this for my wifes 4.2 GP, its a perfect fit after following instructions for break in. I have Triple K holsters for all of my Rugers. I have tried several different brands but always come back to the Triple K.
- Bart, AL
Beautiful holster but wont snap 3/15/2018
I bought this holster and matching belt a few years ago for my 6inch GP100 Stainless. Still wont snap shut. Too bad because it is a beauty and Ive spent hours on end working it.
- Norm, VT
Not really for a 4.2 inch GP100MC 2/9/2018
Arrived today and it is very tight, finally got it to snap. The paperwork that came with it said it was for a 4 inch; mine is 4.2in. My big concern is about the possibility of misaligning the front sight because you have to push it in the holster so hard. Not sure if it will be a keeper. Ruger says its for the 4.2; TripleK says it is for 4.0.......
- Mike M, IL
Nice Holster 11/16/2016
Bought this for my GP100 Match Champion. At first I had a hard time snapping the keep strap but after stretching it by hand a few times it was no big deal. Didnt need a hair dryer. I would have preferred one in the brown color shown on the image, but thats no big deal either; they should just update their pic.
Ed R
Great Holster 10/2/2016
Ordered this to take the place of the high ride. It arrived on time and was tight so I followed the directions and warmed it with a hairdryer for about 5 minutes. Slipped it in and fastened the snap and waited 3 days. The warm leather cooled and moulded itself to the Match Champion.The fit is now custom made to MY Match Champion. I am very pleased with another fine purchase from Ruger. Thanks for making high quality affordable Ruger.
- Charles Ziegler, PA
way too small 8/4/2015
this holster does not fit a 4.2 inch gp100. the snap only reaches to top strap by sight on gun. the gun does not slide all the way in to holster because barrel hits bottom before frame is in holster. when gun is held beside holster, you can see barrel is approximately 1/4 inch too long. should not be advertised to fit this gun. also very light weight. Like ruger, but this is a major turnoff. no holster too fit.
Great fitting holster. 7/30/2015
Great holster. Perfect fit. Heated it up with a hair dryer and worked it in. Looks good, and is custom fit for my new GP100 Match Champion.
- Chuck, MT
Dont do it! 10/26/2014
I have Triple K holsters from ShopRuger for all my Ruger handguns - Bearcat, Single Six, Mark III, SP 101. No problems. Good quality and workmanship. The listing for the GP 100 holster said it was for a 4.2 inch barrel. Ordered one for my Match Champion. Arrived Monday, manufacturer packaging said it was for a 4 inch Rossi, Taurus, S&W, or GP100, not 4.2 inch. Lousy fit. Hammer strap wouldnt snap. Cheap leather, no support. A fairly heavy handgun and a thin leather holster. Seems like old stock. Returned on Tuesday for the Bianchi. Had to eat the return postage. The Bianchi is much better. Spend the extra money.
- Hank, PA
Will do... 10/24/2014
Just received my holster for my new GP100. First off it was lighter than I would have preferred, but oh well. The original manufacturer had paperwork inside the bag that said they do make holsters in black, which would have been great, but then after buying some after market rubber grips H.... with rosewood inserts that was redder than the original grips, the tan holster did not look so bad. Disappointingly as another reviewer said, it did not say RUGER under the logo. Trying to snap it closed was difficult, but manageable after I shoved the UNLOADED gun into the holster. It was only afterwards I read that I should have left the holster in the sun a while so the leather would soften? Overall, a typical Ruger quality item. Rugged and built to last. I can live with it. After all, its not the holster that is important, but the GP100
Notable attributes 8/30/2014
In many aspects this is a wonderful holster; it looks great, feels very durable, and the snap is tight. However, something to consider: the holster is Ruger branded, but only with the symbol, not the text. This is worth mentioning because the image of this holster on the product search page is shown as having the text RUGER under the symbol, but on this specific products page the text is absent. Overall I am pleased with the holster, its color, and quality; but the discrepancy in the logo is something to keep in mind.
- Anthony Crane, OR
junk 7/30/2014
cheap leather
yuper mich 7/16/2014
very nice good fit nice looking leather ive got the gp100 match champion took one day of working it the thumb snap was a little tight but thats what you want after one day its perfect
- scott lavi, MI
Quality Leather 4/28/2014
Nice tight fit for my GP100 Stainless. Yet, leaves no holster scratches or marks due to holster wear. Solid holster.
Great Craftsmanship 4/22/2014
Perfect fit for my GP100 stainless finish. Tough, durable leather but has yet to leave any holster scratches or marks on it. Very happy with it!
- Matt, TX