GP100 Triple K Belt Holster, RH, 6" Barrel

GP100 Triple K Belt Holster, RH, 6
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Leather holster with tan finish for the GP100 with a 6" barrel stamped with Ruger logo. Made in the USA by Triple K. Right-handed. This leather holster is a natural leather product. There will be variances in the color of the holster ranging from tan to a darker brown.

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Triple K holsters do not disappoint! 2/11/2021
Awesome. I have we several holsters made by triple K and they are by far the best quality for the price, and make the perfect home for any Ruger! NOTE: I have a 6 FULL lug and it does work perfectly for it, I am not sure why some are saying only for partial lug.
- John Andrezze, PA
Partial lug only 7/5/2019
This is a very nice holster for the money but what the description doesnt tell you is this is for a GP100 6 barrel with a partial lug not a full lug barrel such as what I happen to own. I hope this helps
- Philip, OH
Holster 2/1/2018
By looking at this holster, it has a hell of an FBI cant not good for fast draw
- Manny, FL
Great 11/29/2017
I just received this holster in the mail. There are a lot of great things about it and one small negative which overall doesnt really matter but is a visual sticking point. The good: The holster is high quality leather, crafted well. The color arrived exactly as shown in the images. The fit was tight at first but the more you holster and unholster the gun the looser it becomes. The other reviews are saying this holster doesnt fit a regular GP100 but this is untrue. It fit my 6 barrel gun just fine once I worked it in. This took me only about 20 minutes to do so dont listen to anyone who tells you its a difficult task. Now the small negative: The gun seems to be molded for a GP100 Match Champion rather than a standard GP100, and you can see this in the pictures. The two guns are identical and this will fit both, but you can tell that the molding is for the MC version because of the lack of underlug fitting on the front outer side of the holster. Once worked in, the underlug does begin to show on the outside so this is not really a dealbreaker, but Id have preferred a fitting for the more common GP100 if Im honest. That said, this is a superb holster and well worth the money. I wont be changing to a different holster any time soon. Note however that if youre looking for crossdraw, this holster doesnt offer that possibility. The holster provides a ten degree cant forward, so on crossdraw itll be facing your rear and will make drawing much more difficult. The holster isnt set up to be tilted forward of backwards. However, since that isnt the point of this holster, I dont consider that a negative.
- Michael, ON
Perfect holster. 8/27/2016
I recently bought a Ruger GP100 in .22 caliber. with a 5.5 inch barrel. This holster was advertised for a 6 inch barreled gun but, it was as close as I could find for my new gun. The fit for my gun could not be better.. I am extremely pleased with the quality, fit and price of this holster. I would highly recommend this holster for the new GP100 .22 revolver.
- David Tiller, VA
Gp100 Holster Review 2/17/2016
Have seen posted reviews concerning the extremely tight fit of this holster which is true. At first attempt to holster the gun I could not slide it in past the chamber. I kept measuring it for length but I had length but it was way tight. Then I used Leather conditioner and heated the holster with a hair dryer. Slowly the gun started to fit. Repeated heating- stretching-great fit.
Great Quality 4/6/2015
Bought this two years ago for my standard gp100 6 inch barrel, its a little worn with use but still works as if brand new. No complaints
- jason honan, OH
Fine Holster, but... 2/28/2015
This item is well made of quality materials, but does not fit the GP100 with the full length ejector shroud, which is the most common model. I couldnt even find a 6 in. GP100 w/o full ejector shroud in the Ruger Firearms catalogs, but I have seen them used at shows, and pawn shops.
- Michael T., NC