HawkeyeŽ Long-Range Target .300 Win. Mag. 5-Round Steel Magazine

HawkeyeŽ Long-Range Target .300 Win. Mag. 5-Round Steel Magazine
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This single stack, single feed magazine for the .300 Winchester Magnum accommodates rounds with a max OAL of 3.615". The magazine is built from steel, heat treated and then coated with special Teflon for a better finish. Fits HawkeyeŽ Long-Range Target. Made in the USA by Accurate-Mag. .*Due to changes in the law effective October 1, 2013 Ruger is not able to sell magazines to CONNECTICUT residents.

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Excellent magazine 4/5/2020
Amazing magazine. It fits perfectly allowing consistent feeding. Better than the regular magpul magazine.
totally useless 5/20/2019
Cartridges will not feed. bullet contacts the top of chamber before the rim has clears the magazine lips. feed lips on this magazine are 1.93 long. the lips on the plastic magazine are only 1.651 long, a difference of .458. rounds will feed fine from plastic magazine. this difference in length is slightly longer than the length that the case rim gets stuck when attempting to use the steel magazine. cartridge wont extract, feed or even allow the magazine to be dropped free. I gave it 1 star because there is no zero & it does insert & drop free better than the plastic version.
- C L Hiatt II, ID