Hogue® Rubber Grip - Blackhawk

Hogue® Rubber Grip - Blackhawk
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Hogue® Rubber Grips provide a secure handhold with an ergonomic shape. Monogrips are an open backstrap. Fits the Ruger® New Model Blackhawk® with the XR-3 frame (does not fit the old XR-3 Frame- 3 screw model), Ruger® New Model Super Blackhawk®, Ruger® Single-Six®, Ruger® New Model Single-Six®, and Ruger Vaquero®. Made by Hogue® Does not fit the Hunter model Ruger Super Blackhawk® with round trigger guard. Does not fit models with internal lock.

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Blackhawk 1/12/2023
Fits my 357 Magnum. Like a glove
Get A Grip! 1/13/2022
An awesome grip for my achy old hands to control my black Wrangler!
Bjorn Toulouse
Awesome Difference 12/6/2021
I just installed the Hogue rubber grip, Ruger # 19911, on my Single-Six Convertible and on my Wrangler! What a difference! Both guns feel like they were made for my hands! Although Ruger does not list the Hogue rubber grip as an accessory for the Wrangler, it fits like a shoe!!
- Bjorn Toulouse, OH
super blackhawk round trigger guard 3/2/2021
this was recommended for the 41 supper blackhawk but the sturrup is too short and the rubber did not fit
didnt fit 45LC/45ACP Convertible same as Beware/Bill below in review 4/11/2020
Tore grip up trying to install,bottom grip pin did not fit in the pin grove right. The pin grove needed to be at least 1/16 or 1/8 inch wider from the back of grip.Hope they can get the right size fit.
Hogue grips 3/28/2019
I have these on three of my Rugers and really like them. Yes, they can be tricky to put on. Hogue has a video to show you. I recommend watching it. My SP101feels great. On my 44s they get you on target faster and if you use hot bear loads, these are a must.
- Gerard, IL
I bought this grip for my New Model stainless steel Super Blackhawk .44 Magnum, 5.5 inch barrel with round trigger guard and had no problem installing the grip. I have to confess that I do not care for the looks as it takes away that old western look but it works well and I prefer function over looks. The finger groves keeps the weapon from rotating on recoil when shooting hot loaded ammo and I now can shoot it with using one hand, not two. The grip allows for faster follow up shots and that is a good thing when in bear or Bigfoot country. Happy trails.
- Tom Homer, IN
Be sure of frame size 2/2/2018
These grips come in two grip frame sizes. You should look at the Hogue website to determine which size your grip frame is. Ruger customer service does not know which size this fits and apparently they cant find out. A quick look at the Hogue website will save a lot of frustration. They fit my Blackhawk just fine. I bought mine from Midway because they were cheaper than Ruger.
Beware 1/22/2017
If I could have given it ZERO stars I would have. I have watched the Hogue video, read and followed the instructions included with the grips and spent a good hour trying to put them on my New Model 357 Blackhawk. The frame pins chewed up the hard plastic insert no matter how I tried to install them and in the end I couldnt get anywhere near fitting them on my revolver. The frustrating thing is that a few months ago I put a different pair but same model of Hogue grips on my Super Blackhawk 44 mag in less than a minute. Im returning these for a refund. Something has changed with either how the gun was made or the grips. They just cant be fit on my revolver. VERY DISSAPOINTING.
Great grip for Ruger Single Ten 6/24/2015
Installed these grips on a Ruger Single Ten. Perfect fit to both gun and my hand. Better grip means improved accuracy. I really like these grips.
- S.R. Dulaney, CA
Great addition! 11/22/2014
Bought a set of these a long ago for a 3 screw Blackhawk. While firing the revolver the gun was rotating in my hand during recoil and I was shooting very erratically because my hand was never in the same alignment on the grips from shot to shot. There is a shoulder on the rear surface of the Houge grips, [visible in the photo], that forces ones hands to return to the same grip position. The shape of the grips help reduce muzzle flip tool. It improved my accuracy tremendously. After shooting the .30 carbine pistol a bit more I acquired a second set for my 1964 vintage Single Six. A great product.
- Will Atwood, NM
New Blackhawk Great Grip by Hogue 7/13/2014
Makes shooting the Convertible 357 / 9 MM very comfortable with any round and at $22.95, why not
- Ray Miller, PA