Hogue® Rubber Grip - Super Blackhawk®

Hogue® Rubber Grip - Super Blackhawk®
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Hogue® Rubber Grips provide a secure handhold with an ergonomic shape. Grip does not come with cross pin for stirrup. Fits the Ruger® Super Blackhawk® with square trigger guard. Grips fit revolvers with a 7-1/2" and 10-1/2" barrel; shorter barrels require a standard Blackhawk® grip. Grip will not fit the following: Super Blackhawk® with round trigger guard, Ruger® Bisley™, and Ruger® Bisley™ Hunter. Made by Hogue®

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Super Blackhawk Hunter 6/1/2023
I installed this grip on a Super Blackhawk Hunter in .41 Remington magnum with a round trigger guard. There is no "excessive gap" as has been stated. Yes it does take a little patience to install but once you figure out how to do it, it is easy and well worth the time. It is great improvement over the factory installed wooden grips.
- Mike M., TX
Super Blackhawk Hunter with round trigger guard 5/11/2023
I purchased this grip to install on a Super Blackhawk Hunter in .41 Remington magnum with a round trigger guard. It fits perfectly and there is no "excessively large gap" between the grip and trigger guard. Matter of fact there is no gap at all. Installing it was easy if you have patience. It is a major improvement on the handling characteristics of the revolver over the factory wood grips.
- Big Mack, TX
Great Grip 2/17/2018
Great fit, comfort and control on my New Model Super Blackhawk. Best thing is it keeps the knuckle of your middle finger below the backside of the trigger guard and avoids its jam from the recoil.
does not fit 1/1/2018
this does not fit my new model super blackhawk
Hogue Mono Grips 8/8/2016
I just installed the Hogue 8400 Mono Grip on my New Model Super Blackhawk. The total feel and handling of the revolver has changed dramatically, especially with a 10-1/2 stainless Bull Barrel.The finger grooved cobble stone grip is definitely more superior than the original wood grips. Looking forward to running some 240 & 300 grain JHP rounds though her..
- Steve, CA
Poor fit 10/31/2014
Hogue told me that this grip can be made to fit on the Super Blackhawk Hunter. The trigger guard is different so there is a large gap there and one almost needs to pound on the grip and hope you dont cross threat the screw. in spite of 60,000 hunters have been made and maybe as many Bisley Hunters have been made, and Hogue tells the public to make this one fit if you can. Seems to say F O.
- Stephen Black, KS
Old Hands 10/9/2014
I have arthritis in both hands, these grips make it so much easier on my hands. They lessen the recoil and gives me better control. I still enjoy firing the 44 mags.
- Walter Jensen, CA