HogueŽ Simulated Ivory Bisley Grips

HogueŽ Simulated Ivory Bisley Grips
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Simulated ivory grips for the Bisley revolver with Ruger logo. Includes 1 screw for assembly. Made by HogueŽ.

PLEASE NOTE: Designed to fit Bisley firearms manufactured after February 2018.

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Had to do some work to make them fit. 8/30/2023
I'll start by saying that I have a 1991 Super Blackhawk 44 Magnum Bisley, and the pictures were corrected and a note was added that these only fit 2018 and later Bisley models after I ordered them. Shop Ruger customer support reached out after I left a negative review and tried to work it out but nothing ever ended up coming from that. Mainly because one tech told me they would pay to ship my firearm and grips to them and they would custom fit them for me. I was in the air about re bluing my revolver as I bought it used through a local gun shop and it has some normal wear due to it being 32 years old. I told him I would decide if I wanted to have the bluing done at the same time and let them know my decision. When I called back I got a different tech that told me they don't do grip fitting and I could A: return the grips and get a refund. Or B: wait for Hogue to do a production run on the proper year grips(something that never happened). I ended keeping them and just chalking it up as a lose because my return window had closed at that point. Until one day I decided to start playing with the material and seeing how it reacted to different sand paper grits on the inside of the grip where it required a notch for the ramp on the grip frame. I meticulously sanded and checked and sanded and checked until I had a perfect fit. If the pictures and notice about the model year had been there from the start a huge headache could have been avoided but I'm happy to see they updated the website and now it can be. All that being said I absolutely love these grips now. They transformed the look of my revolver, fit the hand well, and have held up against some of the strongest 305 grain bear load I've ever shot. I like them so much that when I bought my new Super Wrangler I came looking for a set for that as well. Sadly Hogue doesn't make them and I had to go with the Altamont variant and it was out stock when I ordered it. It just showed up on the website in stock today so hopefully they ship my back order soon and I can see how well it matches the Hogue. Fingers crossed it's just as nice.
- Scott Clapsaddle, CA
Bisley simulated ivory grips 4/11/2016
Cant give em 5 stars, because they arent quite perfect - the fit is a tad off in a couple of places. But they are a good enough fit that I am happy as a clam with them just as they are. And the look of the simulated ivory with the blue of the gun is just awesome. Good job, Hogue and Ruger !
- Mike, TX
Beautiful grips 11/17/2015
I bought these for my Ruger Bisley in 45 Colt and they fit perfectly and really changed the appearance of the gun for the better! I will buy another set for my next Ruger Bisley!
- Bob1886, TX