LC9 Conversion Kit for LC380® Pistol

LC9 Conversion Kit for LC380® Pistol
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This genuine Ruger® product includes a blued 9mm Luger barrel, slide assembly, 7+1 magazine, instruction manual, and instructions for the conversion. The kit allows the owner of a LC380® or LC380CA™ (does not fit LCP®) to safely and reliably convert the .380 semi-auto pistols to fire 9mm Luger ammunition. Ruger® cannot bill to or ship to Connecticut. DO NOT ORDER THIS ITEM, if you live in Connecticut.
Genuine Ruger® Factory Accessory

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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Good idea... but 6/6/2023
$320? Too much. For just a few dollars more you can get the whole pistol. Come on Ruger!
- Lenny D., MS
It really IS expensive, BUT... 11/13/2022 wind up with two guns, two different calibers, two sets of sights and a choice of shooting whichever you have the most of. First and, to me, most important, is the exacting Ruger fit & finish. You'd swear the LC380 came with this specific option. The change-over is quick & easy, and dare I say it, less costly than my Sig Sauer X-Change kits. Both in .380 and .9mm, the gun shoots true!
- Tony P., TN
The real reson for this product 2/21/2020
The real reason for this product is so that those of us behind the enemy lines here in the Communist Kalifornia can have a LC9. Since the combination of Gray Davis, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Kamala Harris we arent allowed new handguns in this state unless they are on the DOJ list of approved handguns for sale in the state of CA. The combination of stupidity signed off on by the aforementioned would be rulers makes getting new models on the list next to impossible. WITH THIS CONVERSION KIT we can buy the listed LC390ca and convert it to 9mm. The kit works well. Can sometimes be found at a discount and allows me to have a 9mm which is more acceptable than .380 if I really need it. Yes it is a bit expensive but it isnt really for those of you who can still buy a LC9 in the free states in America. It is for those of us behind the lines in anti gun states like CA and Hawaii etc.. 5 stars for the product, 3 stars for the price. Of course when you look at the fact that the conversion kit includes just about everything but a small polymer grip and fire control it is understandable that the cost of the kit is ~75%+ of the whole gun. Itd be nice if the 9mm to 380 product was out there but the market is probably limited. Those of you still in the free United States guard your rights or youll find out what it is like in CA, NY and the rest of the collective.
- Thomas Taylor, CA
Way Too Expensive 8/10/2018
I can get the LC9S for $283 & the LC9S PRO for $304 [online] -- both prices include the fees to have them lawfully transferred to me -- Why the heck would I want to spend $299 on this kit??
- Biff Tannen, OR
Lower Cost 7/11/2018
The cost is prohibitive for most persons wanting to upgrade to a 9 mm. Why not offer an EC9s slide to reduce the price? Maybe $90.00 less?
- Scoad, MI
Its for Californians who cant buy the other models. 10/3/2017
Many point out that you can just buy a 9mm version for less than the 380+kit, but those 9mm versions arent available in the Peoples Republic of California due to our gun roster. Granted, Ruger is being exploitive with the price, but its not irrational.
Great idea, bogus price 6/29/2017
I love the product ruger puts out, but youd think they were going broke with this price, Ive found the ruger lc 9mm for 350 and 375 brand new before, as a used firearm the lc380 is worth about 300. This price is an insult to any rationally thinking human being. Might as well just buy a new gun instead. Drop the price ruger, this is absurd.
- Christian Jellerson, NM
Expensive but Very Nice 4/3/2017
If you ever want a nice pocket pistol that has a little more to it than .380 then this conversion works great, and its perfect weight to just put in your pocket without a holster. So many small pistols are just too heavy, but this gives you a little extra flexibility that I really like.
- Spencer Newman, CA
LC 9 Conversion Kit 2/9/2017
I find this a bit too expensive, for $75.00 more I can buy a new LC 9s striker-fire Great idea but a costly one.
- Morgan, FL
Cost a bit HIGH 1/7/2016
I love the idea of being able to swap barrels and slides. the ability to swap from 380acp to 9para/luger, is a great feature. .............................. BUT, the cost should be around $175 - $200.00. Could add value selling it with 2 or 3 mags making it worth $299.00. I give it 3stars because of the high price.
A bit pricey 9/29/2015
$300 for this and you can buy an LC9 for around $400 if you shop. If it was around $175 - $190 it would be a decent deal, and Id buy one for my daughters LC380 I bought for her.
- Rand, IN