LC9®, LC9s® & LC380® w/ LaserMax Centerfire™ Laser Mitch Rosen® Belt Holster, RH

LC9®, LC9s® & LC380® w/ LaserMax Centerfire™ Laser Mitch Rosen® Belt Holster, RH
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Right-handed, Cuban brown colored, leather holster is compatible with LC9®, LC9s® and LC380® pistols equipped with a LaserMax Centerfire™ Laser. This open-muzzle holster is deeply molded for a snug fit and branded with the Ruger logo for added style. The full-length belt slide offers all-day comfort and superior concealment and is designed to fit belts up to 1.5" wide. Made in the USA by Mitch Rosen®.

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Perfect EDC holster 1/14/2017
First off kudos to for the quick shipping. This holster is everything I hoped it would be! Very elegant leather with a beautiful finish. The Ruger emblem is a really nice touch as well. Fits my LC9S with the Lasermax laser perfectly. It is tight when new, but have been wearing it for two weeks now almost every day and it has broken in nicely. Retention is superb, gun will not slip out even if held upside down & shaken. I wear this with a one and a half inch gun belt, it holds the gun tight to the body and is easily concealable. Would definitely recommend this holster if you are looking.
- Nino Tiberi, TX
Great Holster! 1/5/2017
Purchased one of these a few years ago for use with my LC9 w/Lasermax and would not part with it, ever! Have also purchased 2 Rosens mag holders. All products are tight initially - you cannot make a loose one tighter - but they loosen-up and you can also purchase Rosens leather lubricant, also a fantastic product the have avaialble.
Holster Fits like a glove. 2/4/2016
I was concerned with some of the comments, but as a recent purchase, Feb 2016, this holster fits my LC9s like a glove. First pull was tight, but after about 10 pulls, retention is just right. Not sloppy so gun might fall out, but not so tight its any problem. Maybe Rosen fixed it after earlier comments. 5 Stars.
- Terry, WA
Tight 10/30/2015
The reviewer who found the holster to tight can make it fit just right. Wrap your pistol in a plastic bag and jam it all the way home. Let it sit for 12 hours or more. The leather will conform to the new slightly larger size. If still not satisfied wrap with one more layer and do it again. Worked like a charm for me.
- Jim, AL
Looks nice does not function well 8/21/2015
No question about it, it is a nice looking holster. There is however a drawback to it. The holster grips the gun too tight. The gun will not come out no matter how hard you pull, it has already scuffed the gun, LC380 w/ lasermax, from taking the gun in and out in hopes to loosening it up. I am wanting to return the holster for something different but am very hesitant on what the other holsters for this gun now might do. any suggestions?
- John V., TN
stunning 4/18/2015
Mitch Rosen holsters are faultless. Theres a good chance theyll outlast you! :