LCP® Extractor

LCP® Extractor
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Part # SC01400
Genuine Ruger® Factory Accessory

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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Broke in under 150 rounds 10/7/2022
It broke in under 150 rounds. I see enough complaints about this around the web that there should be a recall to fix this. The LCP 2 is the perfect self defense side arm, but a problem like this where it will lose the extractor and jam after each shot makes it deadly for the user in a self-defense situation. Better make that first shot count, I guess.
- Matt Barbey, MO
Lcp extractor 9/18/2022
30 shot and lost extractor.
LCP II 380 extractor fail 5/31/2022
Under 300 rds fired and am sending pistol back for a third time for extractor flying off on firing line. Unsat.
- George Cree, TX
Extractor Broken 12/28/2020
After a couple of shot extractor popped off.
- Jakenzea Boynton, GA
Failure to extract after 570 rounds 7/26/2020
Fails to extract when firing, the case drops out of the chamber after removing the magazine and opening the action. The extractor fails to hook the case rim, all brands of brass cased ammo. Ive tracked the number of rounds fired since new and have never used anything but brass cases. Buying a spare extractor for next time.
Broke 9/16/2019
Mine broke after only 900 rounds. Ruger told me it was only because I was using steel cased.
Extractor and spring 5/31/2018
Extractor and spring broke after about 300 rounds
- Wayne, AZ
steve g. Sandy Hook CT 10/10/2017
broke at around 2,000 rounds.
Broken extractor 5/19/2017
200 rounds, broke the extractor claw in half.
- Mike S., CO
Extractor Failure 3/29/2015
First time at the range, third mag of factory target ammo and the extractor breaks. It is now a one shot .380 PDW. I expected better from Ruger.
- Mike Moore, ID